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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Cemetery. Matt and Ted meet up, and Ted tells him that he found out what the hash marks on their necks are. "They're tracking us," he says. "Like animals!" "What the hell's that supposed to mean?" says Matt. "The truth!" says Hana, appearing from behind him. Matt pulls his gun on her and asks Ted what's going on, and Ted says that Hana's a friend and that she's like them and that she turned him onto the hash marks. She says the marks come from a pneumatic needle that contains a radioactive isotope that's used for tracking viruses in Africa. "That's what we are to them," says Ted. "A virus. A plague." Well, which is it? A virus or a plague? Or totally awesome? They really need to make up their minds on what the powers are. In Ted's case, they really are kind of a virus, because who the hell wants to be radioactive? Matt lowers his gun and asks who "them" is. Hana says a shipment of these needles went to Primatech Paper and that the tracking slip went to Bennet. Matt says he's already been down this road and it led nowhere. Ted says that he had his blood tested and the isotope is in him. "Ted, you're radioactive BY NATURE," snaps Matt. Hee.

Matt wants nothing to do with this and says that he and his wife are starting a family, and he wants to put all this crap behind him. Ted says he can't do that because they have to find out what Bennet did to them and fix it. Matt points out that if they really are being tracked, then Bennet will know they're coming. Ted doesn't care; he can get them through any wall there is. But he needs Matt to get inside Bennet's head. "He can't lie to us if you're there," Ted says. He goes on to say that he can't do this without Matt and that if they can save themselves, they could possibly help others. "We could be heroes!" he says. Say it with me: Just for one day! You know you said it out loud. You know you did.

Mama B's Hospital Room. Bennet appears and he and Lyle hug. He touches his wife's forehead and says that she'll be okay. "No thanks to you," says Claire. Bennet asks to speak with her outside, and they exit the room. "Doctor tells me you have an interesting theory about your mother's condition," he says. "It's not a theory," spits Claire. "You did this to her. You erased her mind." Bennet's like, that's crazy talk! Claire points out that he tried to have her mind erased too and again Bennet pretends to not know what she's talking about. "Stop! Stop it! Stop lying!" Claire shouts. Awesome. Bennet finally owns up and tells his daughter that what she knows is dangerous and if the wrong people find out about it, she could be hurt. Claire starts to cry and asks why he did this to her mother. Bennet tells her about Sylar's visit to the homestead and says that he had to make Mama B forget it ever happened. "Your mother is a gentle soul," he says. "And people like her shouldn't have to know about people like him." "And maybe people like YOU," Claire tosses back. Bennet swears he never meant for her mother to get sick; he only wanted to protect his family. He promises that he'll never do the memory wipe thing ever again and that everything's going to be okay, and then he goes to hug her and she totally shoves him off and the look on his face is so sad. "You don't just get to say you're sorry and make everything go away," she cries. Damn straight.

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