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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Montana. Mo and Sy pull up to the body shop and tinny rap music is heard as if on the radio. Only it's not on the radio, it's totally coming from far away and Sylar is the only one who can hear it. And it's hurting his ears. Mo gets out of the car and walks toward the shop, calling out for Dale. Sy tries to get Mo to leave and come back later, but Mo's like, "Dude, I'm busy not figuring out that you're a psycho. Just sit there and look pretty, okay?" He walks into the shop and sees Dale's body leaking blood all over the nice dirty garage floor. Mo immediately runs back out and vomits on the rental car. Sy gets out and runs to the garage and smiles at the site of his handiwork. He gets a headache, though, and hears loud electronic beeps and walks over to Mohinder and asks what he's doing. Mo's like, "I'm calling the cops, freak-o. We got a dead Hero on our hands."

Sy tries to convince Mo not to call the cops because they could be implicated in Dale's death. Mo says that her head was sliced open, so he knows it's Sylar who did it. They have to get to the other Heroes and warn them. Sylar's like, "We totally do! Wait -- when you say 'warn,' you mean 'kill,' right?" Sy keeps having these horrible sound headaches as they get into the car and drive off to warn/kill all the other Heroes.

The Hiro and Ando Show. Tom Cullen and Hope are taken into police custody. Hiro tells Ando to take the product-placement car back to the rental place because he's going to be taking buses from now on. Ando's like, "But... don't you like me anymore?" Hiro says that of course he still loves and adores him, but he should never have brought him along in the first place even though that's what the comic told him to do, so, really, he was just following orders. Hiro says that he has to save the world on his own. Ando's like, "Aw, dude! I wanted to save the world too!" Hiro's like, "No." Ando's like, "But--" Hiro's like, "I SAID NO. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get on this bus marked for Vegas so I can go get a stupid fucking sword that I don't really need. Say hi to everyone back at the office!" Hiro steps up to the bus and who do you think the driver is? That's right. Stan Lee. Because when you do a TV show about comic book heroes, it's only right and proper to have Mr. Lee show up at some point.

Bennet Family Manse. The family returns home, and Lyle starts to take his mother up to her room. Bennet goes to take Claire's arm, and she wrenches it out of his grasp. Bennet tells her to check that shit and says that her mother needs them right now. "I don't even know if I'll remember any of this tomorrow," she hisses at him. "All I want to do is run away, but I can't. Somebody has to protect this family from YOU." Oh, burn. That's when Ted appears behind her. Bennet orders Lyle to take Mrs. Bennet out of the house. Before he can, though, Matt shows up in front of the exit and he points his gun at everyone. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions," he says. "We all do."

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