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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Superstudio of Superheroes. Isaac's future-painting again. Lots of broad, black brushstrokes. When his vision clears, he sees that it's a painting of Peter, only Peter looks wicked pissed. Sure enough, when Peter appears behind him, he looks furious. "Why'd you do it, Isaac?" he rasps. "What, they give you money? Drugs? What's a Judas get these days?" Ooooh. Snap. "I was trying to stop you," says Isaac. "You're dangerous. You said it yourself. Without them to help, you'll become that." He points to the exploding man painting he did back in Empty Promises. Peter's like, "Yeah, I HAD help. Until you took it away by RATTING US OUT." He grabs Isaac and pulls back his shirt to reveal the hash marks. He wants to know what they mean. Isaac scrambles away and says they mean nothing. "DON'T LIE TO ME!" shouts Peter, throwing Isaac back with a shot of TK.

Peter spies the painting of Isaac and Simone on the roof and he asks Isaac if jealousy is why he sent Bennet after them. "You stole her away from me!" shouts Isaac. Oh, okay, Drug Boy. You were shooting up and Peter saved your life and he stole Simone from you? In case you forgot, you were in Bennet's home-style rehab center, jackass. Ain't nobody stealing NOTHIN' around here. Isaac makes it to his feet and grabs the gun, saying that with one shot, he can be a hero and save New York. Peter promptly vanishes and proceeds to throw things at Isaac from all over the loft, telling him that he's not a damn hero, he's a damn junkie who couldn't even save himself. That's why Simone left him. "It had NOTHING. TO DO. WITH ME!" shouts Peter. "SHOW YOURSELF!" shouts Isaac. He spins around and around and finally hears something by the front door so he takes two shots...

... only to discover that the two shots have landed squarely in the chest of Simone. She looks down at the blood, surprised that she's been shot. Isaac drops the gun. Simone falls backward and Peter materializes next to her, cradling her down to the ground. Isaac runs to her side and the men both look down at the dying woman. Her head lolls back and her hand falls to her side, revealing Isaac's key within. See? If she'd just left that shit behind the FIRST TWO TIMES SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING TO, this might not have happened!

Next on Heroes: It's all Bennet, all the time! We finally learn how he got those awesome glasses, y'all.

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