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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Speaking of Bennet, he's in New York, paying a little visit to the Superstudio of Superheroes. Isaac takes him on a tour of his paintings, pointing out that Peter is going to eventually cause the devastation of New York. He says that he's been looking for Peter, but for some reason, his visions never showed him where Peter actually was. Until this one painting, where some footprints show up in water. Bennet wonders aloud if Peter is invisible, and Isaac says, "That sounds so crazy." "Any more than a man who can paint the future?" says Bennet. "Peter absorbs others abilities. Apparently, he's met someone who we assumed was dead." Bennet shoots the Haitian Sensation a look like, "Looks like we've got us some killin' to do!" He returns to looking at the painting and observes that the location on the canvas is the Deveaux Building. He says that on the outside chance that Peter shows up at Isaac's studio before Bennet and the Haitian Sensation capture him, Isaac should shoot first and ask questions later. Bennet hands him this ginormous gun, and Isaac holds it out like it's covered in placenta or something and asks what he's supposed to do with it. "Duh, you SHOOT it," says Bennet. "And save the world, I guess. Whatever. Do you have any Little Debbie snack cakes? I could murder some Swiss Cake Rolls right about now."

Matt's House O' Fun. Except Kind of Without the "Fun" Part. Matt digs the velvet bag of diamonds out of his sock drawer and spills them out onto the dresser. There's a ring amongst all the sparkly gems. He sets that aside and puts the diamonds back in the bag. I know. It's ENTHRALLING, isn't it? Mrs. Matt enters and starts to put away laundry, and Matt tries to help her but she's pregnant, not cancer-ridden, so she tells him to bugger off and let her fold t-shirts in peace, thank you very much. She finds the ring and the first thing out of her mouth is not, "OH MY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY I LOVE YOU THANK YOU YOU ARE SO GETTING LAID TONIGHT." Instead she says, "What did you do?" And she says it in a tone that's like, "Okay, who'd you rob NOW?" Like, way to be ungrateful, Mrs. Useless. Eventually, she gets psyched about the thing and smiles and puts it on, and Matt lies that he got it wholesale instead of out of a dead criminal's briefcase. She then rains all over his parade by telling him that Mohinder called yesterday and wanted to talk about Matt's DNA. "He found you!" she says. "He knows!" I'd say so, yes.

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