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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Bozeman, Montana. Mohinder and Sylar are still traveling together in search of Heroes. Sylar thanks Mohinder for bringing him along, and Mo just says he's glad for the company because it's nice to have someone to spoon with in countless greasy motel rooms. Sylar goes on to say that he believes in fate and karma and he's not just saying that because Mo is Indian. Hee. Mo says it's a good thing Sylar's with him because he thinks they'll come across a lot of skepticism in their travels and Sylar can really help in that department. Sylar's like, "Mmmm. Braaaaains." They enter what looks like an auto shop and find a rather mannish woman working with an arc welder. She's listening to extremely loud rap music on her earphones and says that she hates it, but that it's the only thing she's found that cancels out the-- She stops herself before finishing that sentence and just asks what she can do for them.

Mo says they're looking for Dale Smither, and the woman responds that she's who they're looking for. Mo's like, "Oh. Um. Well, this is awkward. Because I was thinking Dale was a man and you're a woman, but you're a woman who's kind of built like a man, so now I'm not sure if you're a man or a woman, and I'm confused and there's this guy with me who's totally creeping me out, but I'm too stupid to figure out that he sounds NOTHING like the guy on the answering machine who left me that panicked message, but now I've invited him along to look for Heroes and I think he's TOTALLY going to eat your brains here but I'm going to take a few more episodes to figure that shit out." Dale's like, "Uh-huh. Who's the creepy guy?" Sylar's like, "Mmm. Braaaaains."

Sylar and Mo introduce themselves, and Mo mentions that he's left Dale several messages and she says she got them, but she clearly wants nothing to do with him or his great plans for her DNA. Dale asks how he found her, and Mo says the thing about her giving blood eleven years ago and how she signed a consent form to have her blood used in the Human Genome Project, and Dale just says that Mo's barking up the wrong tree. Sylar steps forward and blabbles something about understanding what Dale's going through, and then he melts a wrench and Dale's like, "Dude. My wrench. You suck. Also? That was totally cool." She can't believe there are others out there like her and Sylar says there are and then wonders how soon it will be before he can get at her brains. Dale says that she used to suffer from headaches and that the littlest noises were deafening to her. "I'm sorry," says Mo. "It must be a heavy burden." "A burden?" says Dale with a chuckle. "Hell, no. This is the best damn thing that ever happened to me. Well, now that I've learned to control it, I'm like Superman or something."

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