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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

It should be noted that, as she's talking, Sylar's hovering behind her, basically staring at the back of her head as if he'd like to slice it open with his finger and dip his hands into her cerebral cortex. He's practically drooling. Dale says that she can hear rain coming from forty miles away, as well as the tiniest changes in a heartbeat. "Yours, for instance," she says, looking at Sylar. "It's racing kinda fast. You nervous about something?" Sylar sheepishly shrugs into his coat and is all, "What? Brains? Licking? Huh? No. I'm not nervous at all! Shut up. Braaaaains." He lies that he's just excited to meet her, and she defensively says that if they've come to take it away from her, they're gonna have a hell of a fight on their hands. Mo insists that they're there to help and that he'd like to perform tests on her and ask some questions; shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. She agrees, but she's too busy today to do it; he'll have to come back tomorrow. She walks away and Mo gives Sylar a "let's go" nod, but Sylar's too busy staring at the back of Dale's neck while licking his chops to pay attention to Mo's subtle cues.

Vegas. The Hiro and Ando Show, Now with 50% Less Ando! Hiro's trying to get out of the storage room, which is a repeat of his actions last week. The door opens and it's Tom Cullen. "You're not Ando," says Hiro. Gee, ya think? Shut up, Hiro. I used to love this character, but they're pushing his childlike world outlook to the far wall, you know? I mean, really. "You're not Ando"? Are they fucking kidding with this? Like, he holds up his hand and gives the Spock high sign and says, "I come in peace." WHAT? You're a nerd, Hiro, but you're not a developmentally challenged nerd, are you? For fuck's sake. Whatever. Tom Cullen demands to know where the girl and the bag are and Hiro says they're with Ando and they have to find him and save him. Tom Cullen's like, "I'm not taking you with me, jackass. You're a dork." And Hiro's like, "Take me with you, or I make storyline nevah end!"

Cut to a cemetery in L.A. where RadioacTed is chatting with the grave of his dead wife. He says that "they're" going to pay for what "they" did to him and he sets flowers down on the ground and they immediately whither away and then all the grass around them dies, as does all the grass for about a mile radius around Ted. Cut to Isaac, fondling his new gun while he stares at the painting that supposedly has InvisiPeter in it. The painting morphs into reality and we're on the Deveaux rooftop as grunting, punching and shouting are heard. Claude's engaging Peter in a staff and rod training session. Sadly, that is NOT a euphemism. Claude's basically kicking the shit out of Peter with a big stick. (Dirty!) And Peter? Well, he's not really enjoying it as much as you'd think.

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