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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Claude tells Peter that he has the ability to put a stop to the abuse, he just has to dig into that "file cabinet" of powers he has and pull out the appropriate skill. It's a really fun fight, actually; mostly because Christopher Eccleston wields his stick with particular finesse. Also, he's hot. So is Milo. Which makes the scene even that much more entertaining. Peter whines that he's trying to bust a supermove, but nothing's happening. "Oh, and when you've left New York a smoking wasteland," says Claude, spinning his stick, "we'll put that on your tombstone: 'Here lies Peter Petrelli. He TRIED.'" He whacks Peter in the gut with his stick (dirty!) and says, "Fly. Stop time. Paint me a pretty picture! Do... something... UNEXPECTED!" At that last word, Claude flings the stick down as if to crack Peter over the skull with it, and suddenly, it stops in mid-air.

Peter stares at the stick, a vein bulging on his forehead. Finally, it breaks into pieces and Claude falls back. "Ha ha!" he says. "You pushed that away with your mind. Which one of your sorry friends has telekinesis?" Peter thinks no one does, but then he remembers his run-in with Sylar back in Texas and realizes that he probably got the TK from him. Claude snappily observes that if Peter absorbed that power all the way back in Texas and is able to suddenly pull it out now, they just might have a chance to stop him from going nuclear. And then he smacks Peter in the face with another stick. Hee. I really do love him.

Superheroes Superstudio. Simone's checking out the paintings Isaac has recently finished, and she's mighty peeved that Peter appears in none of them. Isaac lies that Peter's left New York, and Simone totally busts him on it because he's doing that thing with his face that he used to do when he'd lie to her about using heroin. Isaac says that he can't willingly throw her into another man's arms and Simone asks if it's because he's jealous and Isaac's like, "Duh," and then Simone says again that she doesn't think she should have a key to his place and Isaac tells her to keep it, and if Simone really wanted to give the damn key back, all she'd have to do is leave the fucking thing on a table or throw it at Isaac's head, like, she doesn't need permission to give the fucking key back so GIVE IT BACK ALREADY. But she totally doesn't, and Isaac says he'll do anything for her and Simone just tells him to find Peter. Again. Some more.

The Saddest Car Ride Ever. Hiro and Tom Cullen are driving to get Hope and Ando. Hiro hums. Tom Cullen and I find this very annoying. Hiro smiles. Tom Cullen and I also find this very annoying. Tom Cullen speaks for me when he tells Hiro to sit there and shut up. Hiro ignores this directive and says that he's responsible for Ando, and Tom Cullen doesn't give a shit, and neither do I, and he says that a partner drags you down or screws you over and Hiro's like, "That not true! Ando good man! He believe in me!" Tom Cullen just wryly observes that it was Ando who wanted to help Hope, and Ando who grabbed the bag, and Ando who took Hiro's car. "When you take on a partner," says Tom Cullen, "all you wind up with is their blood on your hands."

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