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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Cut to Ando and Hope, arriving at a bus station. They get out and she goes to grab the bag, but Ando wants to get it for her because he's a gentleman. He's a gentleman who takes his chivalry seriously, judging by the fact that he wrestles with Hope over possession of the bag. They wrestle so hard that, of course, the bag busts wide open, revealing a shitload of casino chips. Ando asks what the hell all this is, and Hope answers him by pointing a gun in his face.

Bates Motel, Montana-Style. Sylar and Mohinder grab their bags from the trunk as Mo thanks Sylar for his save back at the body shop. "You made a difference," says Mo, handing Sylar his room key. Which, by the way, is one of those card key things that are really more for high-rise hotels in slightly more urban areas than this shit-in-the-sticks motel they've got going here. I'm thinking old-fashioned keys might have been a better solution, but whatever. Sylar asks if Mo meant what he said about helping Heroes. Mo says he did and, even though he doesn't have it now, he's working on an isotope or something that will eventually help the Heroes control over their powers or even eliminate their abilities, if they so desire.

Sylar gets this creepy look on his face and says that Mo makes it sound like the superpowers are a virus or a plague. Mo apologizes, but says that some of the powers people have are dangerous and that his poor father had to learn that firsthand. He says that Papa Suresh was murdered by a man named Sylar. Sylar's like, "NO WAY." Mohinder's like, "WAY." Sylar pretends to be shocked and asks if this Sylar person just got away with killing Mo's dad, and Mo says that all he knows is that Sylar's locked up, and Sylar's like, "I TOTALLY AM NOT," and Mo's like, "You know, you're staring at me kind of freakily, dude, knock it off," and Sylar's like, "BRAAAAAINS." "They're out there," he says, staring off into the distance. "I can feel them. So innocent, so unaware of what's happening to them. We'll find them, Mohinder. All of them, together. The two of us." Mohinder just looks at him like, "Bitch. You be crazy." Then they go to their motel room and make sweet, sweet love to each other. NO THEY TOTALLY DON'T. Psych!

Bennet Family Manse. Claire's mother asks if they need to have a talk, and Claire says they do. She mentions her mom's forgetfulness and headaches and asks if the doctors know what's causing them, but Mama B has no idea. "What if it's not some thing that's responsible for them, but someone?" asks Claire. "What if you had a secret and they had a way to brainwash you?" Her mom looks at her for a second and then just laughs and says that Claire's been studying too long and that they should just curl up on her bed and watch a movie with some pie and milk. Claire, with tears in her eyes, declares that she's dead serious about this, but Mama B just says that Mr. Bennet's in charge of talking to the doctors, and it's all going to be okay. Claire says that maybe they shouldn't be trusting Mr. B so much, and her head stuff could get worse, and next time it could be bad and then there's a loud crash. Mama B's flat-out on the kitchen floor. Claire runs over to her mother and starts crying over her prone body.

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