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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Superroof. Claude's playing with his birds. Again, NOT a euphemism. Peter asks what's up with all the birds, seeing as Claude pretty much hates everyone and everything. Claude says that Darwin raised pigeons when he was working out his theory of evolution and that he married up varied permutations in order to achieve "maximum potential." Peter asks what he means by that, and Claude says, "I think he meant you, friend." Peter says that Claude used to care about the world, didn't he? As they talk, we get a shot of someone observing them through heat vision. Suddenly, a gun comes into view, and we see that it's Bennet who's holding it. He shoots and little taser darts fly out, sticking Claude in the neck and bringing him down. The Haitian Sensation takes aim at Peter, only Peter channels Hiro's power and stops time, bringing the darts to a halt right in front of him. They drop to the ground, and Bennet and the Haitian Sensation run toward him. He reaches down and grabs Claude and flings him over the side of the building. "What're you doing?!" Claude yells. "Something unexpected," says Peter, flinging himself over as well. Bennet and the Haitian Sensation run up to the edge of the roof and look over, only to see Peter, with Claude in his arms, flying straight up into the sky. Kick. ASS. Peter flies off into the night with his boyfriend over his shoulders and that is just so totally fucking awesome I can't stand it.

Bennet's cell rings and it's Claire, begging him to come home. She tells him about her mother's fall and blackout and says that she called 911. Mr. Muggles, meanwhile, is totally licking up the spilled milk. Mr. Muggles: "What? It's not like someone's going to squeegee it up and put it in a damn glass! I'm telling you, I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY." Bennet says that he's coming home ASAP and then tells the Haitian Sensation that Claude will have to wait for the moment.

Matt's House O' Fun. Matt empties the diamond bag into his hand and we see that there are several other rings in there, so now I'm thinking that Matt didn't intentionally give his wife that ring and that he stupidly missed it when scooping up the diamonds and she just happened to stumble upon it. Mrs. Matt walks in and she's hella-pissed because she found out that the ring he accidentally gave her is worth forty thousand bucks and that the jeweler accused her of stealing it, which is not only rude, but kind of stupid because, hi, unless she went to the same diamond guy the ring was stolen from, there's no way some random jeweler is going to know if someone stole a ring or not. So, whatever, Mrs. Matt demands an explanation, and Matt just hands her the velvet bag and tells her the whole story, and she wants him to return the diamonds, and he says he can't and he's just trying to provide for their family because that whole employment thing isn't really working out for him, and she yells at him that she's tried to pretend that everything's okay, but it's not. She tells him to call the precinct right now and turn the diamonds in, but before he can dial, the phone rings. We don't hear who's on the other end, but apparently they ask Matt to meet them and he dashes off to do so.

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