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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

Peter's Gargantuan Apartment of Limitless Proportions. Peter's pretty face blurs into frame as he asks Claude how he's doing. Claude fully wakes up and does what he does best: he hits Peter right in the face. He grabs him by the lapels and says that Peter totally knew Bennet was after him, and Peter argues that he didn't even know who they were, only he kind of does because he's met Bennet already and didn't Bennet swear to Peter that he owed him a favor after Peter saved Claire? I just remembered that. And yet he gave Isaac a gun with which to shoot him? The hell? So Claude gasps at Peter that the reason he's been invisible all this time is because he was hiding from HRG and "them." "And you brought the bastards right to my door!" Peter yells that he just saved Claude's ASS and Claude's like, oh, dude, you have NO idea what you've done. And then he runs around looking panicked.

A flash of understanding visits Claude, and he figures out that it must have been Isaac who reported their whereabouts to Bennet. Peter doesn't think so. Claude says that Bennet got to him. "You said yourself he disappeared for a bit, right?" asks Claude. "Yeah, so?" says Peter. "Well, that's how it works," says Claude. "At least, that's how it did in my day. You drop off the face of the earth for a few days, wake up with a memory hole, a killer headache, and a souvenir." Claude tugs down his shirt and says, "Did he have a set o' these?" He has the two hash marks, but they're much rougher and scarred than Hana's, Matt's, and Ted's. Peter asks what they are and Claude just says that they're for the "lucky ones." Peter wonders what they're going to do now and Claude's all, "What's this 'we' shit, homes? There ain't no more 'we' for us." Peter pleads with Claude to stay, seeing as they're so close to figuring all this stuff out, but Claude's not having any of it. Peter says that he can't do this alone and Claude just says, "Then I guess you go boom." And then he disappears. Peter turns and the look on his face is full of fury.

Cut to Simone, asking Nathan if he's heard from Peter. "The last time I saw my brother, he flew out of a window to get away from me," says Nathan. "I doubt he's going to come knocking on my door." "He flew out a window?" says Simone with a smile. "So to speak," says Nathan. Heh. Nathan goes on to say that he's got people looking for Peter around the clock; they'll find him. Simone thinks that's not good enough. She wants Nathan to hold a press conference and explain Peter's condition and Nathan's like, oh sure, because that's some shit people will believe. "Let's tell them everything," says Simone. "Isaac painting the future, Hiro stopping time, even you! What you all can do is incredible. It's time people know what's happening. The truth." Nathan says that he appreciates that Simone's heart is in the right place, but if people found out what they all can do, "They would drop a collective brick." Hee.

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