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Ladies and gentlemen, Simone has left the building.

"You think they'd burn you at the stake?" says Simone. Nathan thinks they would. Because that's what he would do. "I would round us all up, stick us in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean." Simone observes that where Peter saw hope, Nathan sees disaster. She declares that she's voting for the other guy. Nathan stops her and orders her not to take this public. She leaves. Uch. Back with Ando and Hope. She still has a gun to his head, but this time, she's using it to force him to gather up the fallen chips. Tom Cullen's car squeals into the lot, and he gets out and says he wants his share, and then they start shooting at each other, and Hiro stupidly runs TOWARD Hope's gun, and Ando gets shot in the arm, and there's more shooting, the kind where magic bullets appear out of thin air because Hope's gun is a six-shooter, but she takes, like, fourteen shots at Tom Cullen. Hiro and Ando finally get the hell out of the way and make it over to the luggage compartment of a bus and watch the shooting match like it's TV.

Ando and Hiro exchange mutual apologies and then something explodes and Hope walks over and aims at them as if to kill them only that's like the dumbest thing ever because she can't POSSIBLY have any BULLETS left, but she pulls the damn trigger anyway and Hiro squints and the bullet stops and then he actually manages to put it BACK inside the gun and Hope get tackled by Tom Cullen and NOW will Hiro believe that he doesn't have to go get that stupid fucking sword? Cops arrive to deal with Tom Cullen and Hope, and Hiro and Ando come out of their "hiding" place, and Ando asks if Hiro's powers worked because he had his eyes closed the whole time, and Hiro's like, "I don't know 'cuz mine were closed too 'cuz when I do the time power thing, I look like I'm passing kidney stones." They wander around the parking lot until they come across the Nissan Versa, and Hiro product-placements it with the observation that there's not a scratch on it. Guh. I hate this storyline. Kill it. KILL IT.

Dale's Body Shop. Dale's working on a car when suddenly she stops because she hears something. She rolls out from beneath it and looks around frantically. Sylar appears in the shadows, and Dale says that she didn't hear his footsteps. "That's because there weren't any," he creeps out at her. "Also, BRAAAAAINS." "That sound," she says. "In your heart. What is it?" "Murder," he sneers. Heh.

Mama B's Hospital Room. Claire's sitting with her mom. The doctor shows up, and Claire asks if her mom's going to be okay. The doctor tells her that her mother has a subdural hemorrhage on the area of her brain that controls memory. The doctor asks if her mother's condition might be the result of domestic abuse. Claire then spills the beans about the Haitian Sensation's special power, and the doctor totally doesn't believe her and says she's going to tell Bennet what Claire said. Claire says she's telling the truth, but the doctor just walks off and ignores her.

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