House of Cards
Chapter 23

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Pop Goes the Weasel

Elsewhere, Doug is at an AA meeting talking about Rachel and how she makes his life "blurrier." We get it -- her love is your drug, Doug. He doesn't want to be with her, but he does and that it's like she's his daughter and his mother. At least he knows this is all "fucked up," and says that he should cut her off like he did booze. It prompts another AA member named Fitz to offer Doug his card as a potential sponsor, but Doug rudely declines, as his general way of doing things.

Frank's lawyer gets him an extension to give Dunbar answers to her more pressing questions by using the "national security risk" excuse. In the meantime, Frank is on the lookout for another zebra to throw into the lions' den so that he can make his escape.

Remy starts his loose ends tour this episode with Lannigan, who Remy is offering a deal on Tusk's behalf. Lannigan says the feds are giving him a deal, but Remy notes that Tusk will get off either way and that he should take Tusk's package deal. I suppose we're supposed to assume this is a done deal.

After a meeting about the Japan and China situation, the President asks to speak to Frank and ask how the hearing went. Frank says he just needs to sort out a few details. POTUS says it was supposed to be quick and they need this to be over and notes that Frank is clearly nervous and stressed for what seems like the first time ever. When Walker leaves, Frank puts his head in his hands. He's buckling under his mountain of lies.

Back at his office, Frank is furious that he can't find Doug, who is with his AA group. His assistant comes in and hands him a watch that just arrived: it was the one he gave Remy when he joined Glendon Hill. We won't learn why he sent it for at least a little while.

On his next stop, Remy visits Jackie's old pal Ted in California and he is miserable. Remy says that he's asking about Jackie because he's looking to hire her as a lobbyist. Remy is looking for dirt to destroy Jackie and asks if she had anything to do with Ted's departure and he says she did, but that she did what she had to do. Remy asks for details and it seems that he gets them.

Frank meets with Doug and asks him if he's drinking again. Doug immediately says no, but he is drinking the Rachel Kool-Aid, so he should probably be more honest. He says that he hasn't been himself lately. (That's one way to explain it.) Frank notes that Doug said that 14 years ago when he was an alcoholic. Doug assures him that he's got it under control. He promises it will be different. (A likely story. No, it won't, Doug. You need help.) Frank gives Doug an unheard-of third chance, proving that he does have a heart after all -- or that Doug is just that good. Frank has Doug go after Remy and in the meantime, but Doug also offers to take the fall for Frank should the evidence Dunbar presents put them in a tough spot. Frank says they'll find another solution.

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