House of Cards
Chapter 23

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Pop Goes the Weasel

At home, Claire is using Frank's old rowing machine. She and Meechum fixed it and moved it upstairs so that Claire can get some form of exercise during her house arrest. Frank tells her he's screwed and says that he's going to tell the truth… selectively. She says that he's scared, she can tell. (Yeah, so can everyone.) His response is his own personal rowing record, but he refuses to admit that he might have sold himself down the river.

Megan -- the other woman raped by General McGinnis -- comes to Claire's house in a limo, straight through the lines of picketers and into the calm interior of the Underwood home. She is Claire's fresh meat to dangle before the crowd. When they sit down for tea, it's clear that Claire is dealing with a little girl who can't even keep her shoes on for a second. Claire gives her the skinny: Megan is going to be the new voice of the bill because hers isn't tainted by sex scandals and abortions. Megan asks why she was chosen and Claire points out the obvious: she's the one who called into a nationally televised interview.

After almost getting the boot, Doug gives whatever the Doug equivalent of an apology is to Seth. He says that he and Seth are a team and that he can't do this alone. Doug says that his task might be something that goes above and beyond his press secretary title and Seth is remarkably cool with all of it, so Doug sends Seth after Remy while he deletes Rachel from his phone and tries to go cold turkey. He even crushes his phone so that she can't contact him. Pro tip: this does not work, buddy.

Later, Frank meets with the President and the President is furious that he wants to tell the truth about his own private fact-finding mission. He plans on telling Dunbar he was simply investigating irregularities. Walker says that it will make Dunbar dig further and Frank says that he needs to hand over his travel logs and that Walker should too. Walker won't do it because of the marriage counseling and Frank knows he's right, but he tells Walker to turn over the records anyway. Frank says it's gossip and that it won't get him in trouble, because the POTUS was visiting a friend.

After his Ted talk, Remy visits Jackie and gets very amorous until he decides to bring up the information he learned from Ted. He says that she'll lose if people hear about how she got her seat as whip. He tells her to recant her statement to Dunbar and say that Frank told her to say that. She says that she isn't loyal to Frank or to him and agrees to let him do his worst. Of course, she's sure that's he's been giving her his worst and lying to her about his feelings for her. He says it's not true, but she's made up her mind.

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