House of Cards
Chapter 23

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Pop Goes the Weasel

Frank is thrilled that Walker handed over his logs -- a little too thrilled -- because they include visits to the marriage counselor. Frank's are clean, and this means Frank has "something to work with." And by something to work with, he apparently means the President's reputation.

Megan does the interview with the New York Times, just as Claire wanted. She's not really giving great answers and the reporter tells her that he needs more from her. He brings up the part of her trial where the court said that she was mentally unstable. She says that the problem is that courts always attack the victims over and over. She says that she kept her eyes on the General to make him understand that she wasn't weak. She says he betrayed his country. The reporter asks about Jackie withdrawing her support and Megan says she's betraying her country too.

For his next trip, Remy flies back to Tusk and meets with him in his private barber shop. Remy assures Tusk that Lannigan is taken care of and that he's on top of Frank. When it comes to Jackie, Remy lies to Tusk and says that he couldn't find any dirt on her. Remy suggests that they target a different leader and Tusk insists that it needs to be Jackie. Sounds like ol' Remy is stuck.

At his hearing, Frank gives his "investigation" story and tells it well. Dunbar says that she knows that Feng laundered the money and she needs to know if Frank knew. Frank said he didn't know, but that Doug independently found out and followed the lead himself. Frank says he wasn't aware. Doug says he found no evidence and Frank says it was his mistake for letting Doug go rogue and for investigating the issue. Frank offers up the travel logs when Dunbar says that she feels as if she doesn't have the full picture. (And soon, she'll have the President's too).

Megan visits Claire after her Times interview and she's all pumped up. She wants to do television and magazines. She hugs Claire and thanks her for everything. Her car is on the way and Megan asks if she should stay and do more press. She's bouncing all around and Claire asks Meechum if she was strange in the car. He says she was. Claire finds her in the kitchen, where Megan has spilled all of her meds. She sends the girl off and simply says she'll be in touch, knowing that she just put an unstable girl in the public eye of the storm.

As a coping mechanism, Claire sits at her kitchen table and gets drunk on wine. As Meechum is leaving, she drops the glass and he comes in to help her clean it up. He cuts himself and she fixes him up. After bandaging Meechum, she insists that he have a glass of wine with her. He says he doesn't know about wine, so she offers him bourbon. And boy, does he have himself some bourbon.

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