House of Cards
Chapter 23

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Pop Goes the Weasel

At the same time, Frank meets with Seth and Doug and Doug agrees to go public with the statement that he acted on his own. It will take the heat off of Frank. When Frank leaves, Doug looks up Rachel's number on his computer and contemplates calling his potential sponsor. He's starting to crack.

Frank meets with Remy and he's certain that he's going to be fired from his firm. He's looking for new opportunities. He says that he can't offer himself "wholesale," but he'll go easier on Frank. If Frank wins, he goes with him. Remy says that he's just giving himself an insurance policy. Frank asks if this is about Jackie and Remy says that Jackie is over. Remy insists that is only about his future. Frank knows that Remy is lying, but he's protecting Jackie. But Remy doesn't know Frank's secret: he doesn't care about Jackie at all.

Elated about his progress, which seems to be falling into place, Frank comes home to find Meechum and Claire drunk and having a grand old time. Frank joins in and while Claire walks away to find a new bandage, Frank takes a look at Meechum's hand. He reapplies the bandage and as he does so, drunk Meechum starts caressing Frank's hand. Claire goes in for the kiss and next thing we know, this trio is on its way to a ménage à trois. The next morning, Frank and Claire act as if nothing is strange about the previous night. She simply says that he "needed that." He certainly did.

Before we get to the episode's real cliffhanger, we find Doug relapsing… and hard. He doesn't hit the bottle, but instead goes to Rachel's apartment where he listens to and watches her have sex with Lisa before scurrying away. This woman just might be his undoing.

Finally, Dunbar's assistant brings her the President's travel logs and notes a strange address that keeps popping up -- could it have something to do with the Xanax the POTUS clearly popped during a stressful, yet silent moment in a White House hallway? When Frank jaunts outside merrily, we know that whatever the outcome, it appears that his plan is back on track.

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