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Chapter 25

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The Turn of the Screw

We open with Dunbar questioning the President’s spiritual guidance counselor, Dr. Larkin, about the advice he gave to President and Mrs. Walker. Larkin says it’s all confidential, but Dunbar needs to find out if the President spoke about money laundering or Xander Feng. Larkin says that he offers religious counsel only and Dunbar says that he’s a different denomination than the First Family. Whoops. She can prove that he offered more than spiritual counsel, but Larkin basically says bring it on. He’s not talking until the President waives his privilege.

Next, the President and Frank chat in the Oval Office. He was visited by a famous boxer and compares Frank to him, because his VP has been ditching and dodging and then knocking out his opponent at the last second. Dunbar found out about the marriage counseling -- just like Frank said she wouldn’t -- and Walker thinks that Frank is setting himself up for a run in 2016. Frank denies it and Walker says he knows he’s full of it. (Finally, this guy gets wise!) Frank says he’s paranoid, but Walker says he’d make him resign now, but it would look worse. Walker tells him to stay out of sight and out of mind. Frank says that he’s managed to isolate the President from everyone including himself. That doesn’t exactly instill confidence in this coup he’s been constructing.

Megan’s New York Times Magazine editorial comes out and Jackie gets her hands on the incendiary claims about her. She’s furious that her press secretary had her stay mum on the issue, but she’s sure the quotes about her being un-American are all Claire and now she’s on the war path.

Claire tries to solve Frank’s woes with the President by asking Tricia to talk to President Walker for Frank. Tricia says that while Frank didn’t bring up the therapy, Frank did convince them to give up their travel records to Dunbar, so she’s with her husband. Frank’s new move is to get the doctor who gave the President Xanax. His plan is to create total chaos, because he weathers that sort of thing easily. Yeah, you’re doing real hot in the current storm, ol’ Frankie.

Somewhere in this mess, Gavin is arrested for being off the grid, but he insists that he needs to speak to Agent Greene. He got into the ATT and server after all and he wants to use that information.

And while he’s on the warpath, Frank asks Kathy Durant to give Feng asylum in exchange for his testimony. Frank says it will save the President. She says that it’s just more damage control and that’s not why she wanted this job -- no kid says they want to grow up and become a professional schemer. Kathy says that Frank wants to hurt him and Frank trots out that paranoid accusation again, which is exactly what a liar would say. But Frank is asking Kathy to undermine the President. Frank says that she and the country would benefit from the fallout if he really is doing what the President accused him of. (Translation: he’s doing it.) Kathy turns around and offers Feng an asylum deal. Feng takes the deal and confirms that they used the casino to mask foreign contributions. Boom. Within minutes, Tusk has been subpoenaed thanks to Feng’s evidence.

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