A Murder Of Crowes

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Have Murderous Family, Will Travel
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Our opening scene features Raylan on a witness stand enduring questioning from a late-middle-aged blonde attorney who, along with her Southern accent, is taking great relish in asking if it's true that her client was taken from Tramble Prison against his wishes and better judgment. Raylan: "What better judgment?" He's probably not helping his situation, but given that the client in question is Dewey Crowe, it's hard to blame him. Also, at least we know Raylan wasn't replaced by a pod person between seasons. The lawyer, putting her grandstanding gearshift into third, asks if on another occasion Dewey wasn't drugged and made to believe his kidneys had been removed, and Raylan once again can't help himself: "You might want to note for the record he thought he had four kidneys." Hee. The attorney asks Judge Reardon, who in case your memory needs refreshing is playing by an extremely put-upon Stephen Root, to instruct Raylan not to editorialize, and Reardon gets a "good luck with that" expression on his face, so thankfully Raylan now acknowledges Dewey's suffering.

"Ms. Keyhoe" asks if Raylan didn't break Dewey's nose in the first of these encounters, and when Vasquez -- representing the Marshal Service -- objects that there's no evidence to support that, Keyhoe produces a copy of what she says is Raylan's report on the incident and says she's merely asking him to confirm what's in it. Raylan asks if the nose-breaking was in the report, and that's not much of a denial, but his bewildered tone is hilarious. Keyhoe does not address the possibility that the report either was falsified or does not actually contain what she's saying, instead suggesting that Raylan stipulate to having assaulted Dewey on numerous occasions. Vasquez objects and Reardon calls the attorneys up to ask Keyhoe if she's actually circling a point. Vasquez also reminds her there's a twenty-grand settlement on the table, but Keyhoe talks about how she's got a laundry list of Federal inmates prepared to testify to their abuse at the hands of Raylan Givens, and she's thinking a class-action lawsuit against the Marshal Service is looking pretty good.

Vasquez gives her the most awesome "What do you say now" look -- it's worth pausing the action to savor it -- before Reardon sends Keyhoe out of earshot and throws out some quick numbers in a funny horse-trading manner before telling Dewey directly that the U.S. Attorney has modified his offer from twenty grand to three hundred and asks if he'll accept. Dewey gets most righteously indignant, asking if after all his suffering he gets a paltry three hundred dollars; say what you will about Raylan's barbs at Dewey's expense, but they're looking a lot more justified now. Reardon rubs his temples in a classic onset-migraine gesture but clarifies that the offer is three hundred thousand dollars (not without adding "you nitwit" to the end of it), and Dewey is not so math- or indeed everything-challenged that he doesn't gape at the size of the new offer. He sinks into his chair, catching flies, but Reardon doesn't have time to indulge such theatricality and literally announces he's taking that as a yes. I don't know how the stenographer's going to detail the course of events, but she's probably been in his courtroom before.

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