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Bait And Switch
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Okay, I almost never mention previouslies because I have enough ground to cover with the actual episode, but I have to give some love to this: They show Augustine's first visit to Wynn, and he tells Wynn about Thompson having shot Tonin; Wynn's like, fine. Then Augustine tells Wynn he'd like him to find Thompson -- only this is after Augustine killed Barkley, so when the shot cuts back to Wynn, there's blood everywhere, even though the scene would appear continuous to anyone watching. I'm not doing it justice, but check it out; it's hilarious. And now:

As foreseen last episode, Tonin is not going to let Shelby get out of Harlan alive -- not if the chopper circling ominously overhead has anything to say about it. From the ground outside Arlo's house, the marshals and Sheriff's Department personnel watch grimly, and Art asks one of the latter if he'd happen to have a rocket launcher. Heh. The answer is negative, and after Art tells Tim the sniper, armed with a rifle almost the size of him, to shoot the thing if it approaches, Art gets a call from Lexington...

...while Augustine, that perpetual smirk on his face, compliments Boyd's sense of style before asking him where he got his lovely teeth. Boyd evenly tells him they came with his Desert Storm service, and he's his typical verbose self about it, prompting Augustine to compliment the way he talks, "using forty words where four will do." Well, Augustine, if he weren't relying on his ability to talk his way out of tough situations, he'd probably be sharing a Motel 6 bed with Wynn Duffy, so you can't really begrudge him his wordiness. Augustine asks what Boyd would say if he told him he was about to riddle his nice clothes with bullets, getting this reply: "'What're you waitin' for?'" Augustine is like, oh so you're tough now, but Boyd's ready for that: "I tried to keep it to four words, allowing the contraction as one." Hee. Augustine giggles too, but perhaps his amusement is less genuine, as his next move is to say a "Yolo"'s name, prompting a raaaaaather attractive young man to step forward and pummel Boyd a couple times. And despite the guy's name, these are no joke punches either -- the second one, a full-on elbow, topples Boyd out of his chair and cinematically knocks one of those Army-issued teeth out. It is not safe around here, Boyd.

Speaking of Wynn, Augustine points out that he fled while Boyd stayed, the latter of which he considers a "bold" move, and Boyd, who's managed to crawl back into his chair, replies that he "wagered" that Augustine would see that working together was still in their mutual best interest. And by the way, I have to point out this: From Augustine's point of view, Boyd essentially delivered, right? He presumably doesn't know about Johnny spilling the beans to Raylan, and he saw Shelby there waiting for him on a handcuffed platter, so the only logical explanation from his point of view, it seems to me, is that his stupid noisy chopper tipped the Feds off. Not that I'd expect that to make a difference, but I figured I'd mention it, especially since it looks like it hurts Boyd to talk at the moment.

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