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Best Foot Forward
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In a gracious home in Clover Hill, a man sits nervously in a chair as Boyd and Colton, wearing masks, lurk menacingly, with Boyd even playing a forbidding high note on the piano. The man, "Dale," tells them his son is asleep upstairs, so Colton suggests they should keep their little chat quiet. They cover subjects such as the lack of domestic bliss in Dale's marriage and his vocation of self-taught banker, and for someone who seems to want to keep his identity secret, Boyd certainly is giving Dale every opportunity to familiarize himself with his voice. The point of all this, though, is that Colton and Boyd are on a hunt for anyone who might be Drew Thompson, and presumably, they've got some idea of how to narrow down the search beyond interviewing every male of a certain age in the county in this manner, especially since they won't accept any form of identification as proof of... well, identity. However, Dale produces a box full of mementos, and after being given shit for a little poem therein that he apparently wrote (and the ribbing is well-deserved; he rhymed "sorrow" and "Kilimanjaro"), he produces a photo of himself from 1982 that conclusively proves he is who he says, at which point Boyd issues an apology that's as mellifluous as it is insincere, and then adds that Dale might want to keep the "memory box" close at hand in case anyone else stops by to "reminisce." Heh.

Over at Josiah's, the foot has been bagged and tagged, and the Sherriff Department staff on the scene wonder how long Josiah might survive (the consensus is "not very") before Raylan asks them if they've put a bolo out on him and then sasses them for not doing their jobs. One of the deputies speculates that Josiah took his own foot off before asking what the marshals would want with "a piece of shit" like him anyway, as if the normal objects of their pursuits are some kind of civic heroes. Raylan admits that he thinks Josiah has intel on a fugitive, but when the deputy asks which one, he replies, "Jimmy Hoffa." Heh. The deputy smiles as he asks if there's any reason Raylan is treating them like "bleached assholes," which is just a lovely image to entertain before we even get through the cold open, but Raylan tells him that there's isn't, really, before taking a phone call from Art, who says he heard from Tim that "the game was afoot." Using a Sherlock Holmes reference to make an atrocious pun? I'm going to lobby personally for the mandatory marshal retirement age to be raised, Art. He continues in that vein, prompting Raylan to ask if he called just to indulge in foot puns, and Art is like, "Yes." Hee. Raylan asks about delaying Arlo's deal, but Art tells him that "Sonya Gable," Arlo's attorney from last episode, hasn't returned the office's calls, and when Raylan asks why, Art suggests he go ask her "after you're finished playing footsie." I'm disappointed Raylan isn't playing along, but his attention is diverted when he spies a print on the ground, and on careful examination, it's clear it was made by someone in wearing a walking boot. Raylan: "Hello, Roz." I'm fine with him not going toe to toe with Art, but the fact that he doesn't make a foot pun with this golden opportunity is going to make me sulk all the way through the opening credits.

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