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As the marshals comb through Shelby's place -- coming up with some underwear that I hope to God belongs to Ellen May in the process -- Boyd and Raylan exchange their usual drawling barbs, and then Tim tells Raylan that roadblocks are being put up in strategic locations. I'd rather see them put up Roadblocks, but even though the real fun would be in seeing the on-screen graphics that describe Ellen May's progress, I think Shelby would be the one stepping up for his team. Raylan thinks Shelby's too smart to get ensnared that way, but does allow that they might at least slow him down as Boyd chatters on that Raylan should have been an outlaw, 'cause he'd still be able to shoot people, just without all the paperwork. Of course, he'd have to buy a different-colored hat, but I think Boyd would argue it would still be worth it. He adds that in addition to shooting people, Raylan would be able to be an asshole -- "your two favorite activities" (hee), "except you would be a rich asshole." Raylan replies that being a criminal could also have made him dead and when Boyd offers that he's doing just fine, Raylan asks, "What about Arlo?" Leaving aside the point that Raylan in his actual line of work could have been dead more times than the word "asshole" has been uttered this season, Raylan's obviously using Arlo as an example of a criminal ending up dead, but Boyd hasn't yet gotten the memo as it's pretty clear he thinks Arlo's still in prison as he blithely says he's been meaning to get by and see him. And the misunderstandings continue, as now Raylan thinks Boyd's being flip about Arlo's death (presumably misinterpreting "see your daddy" as "visit Arlo's grave"), and Raylan makes a threat that Boyd doesn't get but we understand would result in Boyd taking up residence six feet under. Before their morbid version of "Who's On First" can continue, though, Rachel enters and -- when Boyd starts babbling at her -- proves her worth of all our love by casually telling him to shut up before reporting to Raylan and Tim that Art did not want to see the two of them left alone... in bed! (I mean, I can't even apologize for that one.) Now that they're all there, Raylan asks the question: "If you shot Theo Tonin and threw Waldo Truth out of an airplane..." He doesn't finish the sentence, but given that he doesn't meaningfully trail off all that often, I'm guessing "airplane" hit a chord.

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