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...and then we cut to the three of them waiting for their ride and Shelby is taking the time to fill in some interesting details -- the reason he smashed up his legs is that he jumped with too much cocaine, which caused him to come in hot, breaking his legs. Two things: Loading Waldo Truth up with coke is probably how Shelby ensured he would die, which is hilariously cold. On top of that, how much frickin' coke does all this mean Shelby had in that plane? When you think of all the explaining Tonin must have had to do after that, you can understand it's not just the shot he took in the eye that's fueling his need for vengeance. Shelby reminisces that without the broken legs, he never would have stayed in Harlan -- "whole world would have been mine to explore." Boyd guesses that Shelby had a good run, all things considered, and Shelby replies that that's thanks to Boyd's father and Arlo, "may they rest in peace." Here's the clear statement of the news of Arlo's passing and after Ava gets confirmation from Shelby that Arlo is dead, Boyd hangs his head for a moment, but even though Shelby did not mention who ordered the hit, Boyd's tone sounds a bit accusatory as he says that it's "poetic justice" that Shelby will be joining Arlo in the afterlife rather soon. Shelby makes his best play in telling Boyd that the drugs he brought to Harlan is what built the Crowder family, getting them out of trailers and abject poverty, which is why Bo Crowder protected Shelby all those years no matter what happened. He adds that he wonders what Bo would think about Boyd now handing Shelby over to be tortured and killed, but whatever he may actually feel about the issue, Boyd's response is that Shelby is merely reaping what he's sowed. Coming from Boyd this may be hypocritical, but as much as I love Shelby, it's hard to argue with the objective point. And the time for such arguments has come to an end, as a van pulls up with Colton, Johnny and Jimmy in it, whereupon Boyd steps forward and informs Shelby that if it's any consolation, his sacrifice will be providing for the next generation of the Crowder family. I wouldn't put it past Shelby to reply that it's not actually much solace, thanks, but perhaps he's silenced by the knife in Boyd's hands. Boyd, however, merely cuts the bonds on Shelby's wrists and delivers him into Colton's custody, adding that Colton shouldn't forget about his money...

...while, presumably someplace not too far away, parked in their SUV, Rachel is questioning their decision to let their actions ride on Johnny's word. Raylan: "He made a very compelling argument." Heh, but also, no kidding -- I really appreciated how well David Meunier conveyed the resentment, both petty and deep-seated, that Johnny feels toward Boyd. Rachel still wonders if they're getting played, but at that moment Johnny delivers on his promise in the form of a text to Raylan telling him where the drop is and Rachel has no idea about the address, but Raylan reminds us of how well he knows the area by directing her where to go. They nervously discuss how much time they have and Raylan tells us apparently, they'll discover which field to attack by looking up. And that does sound like a pretty esoteric thing for Johnny to make up, so they can probably be confident he's dealing straight with them.

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