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Out in, as promised, a field, Colton has just handcuffed Shelby to a tractor as Shelby tells him about Ellen May being in his house when Colton came to ask about her. He tauntingly goes on that Colton did some nice police work there, adding that Ellen May's sweater was draped over the chair even as he was blustering about. Colton smacks him in the face, but this only prompts Shelby to call him a "junkie pussy," and by the way, Colton's going to die at Boyd's hand once he has no further use for him. Colton draws his gun and soon he's got it in Shelby's face. Now, I was pretty sure what Shelby was up to here, given the pants-shittingly scared expression he revealed a couple times earlier and his talk of Tonin torturing him, but Colton doesn't know about that. However, Shelby yelling at Colton to pull the trigger is apparently the tipping point and out of nowhere, Colton starts giggling -- a mean, hateful sound -- and he puts away his weapon and grins that Shelby is going to wish he killed him.

As Shelby breathes hard and once again lets his abject fear show, Colton remarks that in the service, he saw men die slowly. "It is a horrible way to go." Shelby begs Colton to kill him, saying that Boyd will still get his money, but Colton has something to prove to Boyd -- and besides, a chopper containing Augustine has just appeared in the vicinity. Colton takes off, which, unless I missed something, doesn't make sense given Boyd's reminder to him not to forget about his money, but he does leave the keys to the cuffs hanging prominently on the nearby fence. Just as well, as he's recently seen firsthand what delays not having handcuffs keys can bring. With Colton gone, Shelby tries in vain to free himself from the cuffs, but things are looking grim for him as grim can be, as the helicopter touches down and Augustine slides open the door with the requisite menace of someone who's about to settle a ancient score. However, the marshals pull up at that exact moment and I'm surprised Augustine doesn't see if he can put one in Shelby's ear here, but maybe they're back to the "Tonin wants Shelby alive" point with which the show has seemed to take some liberties. As Raylan gets out, his eyes on the rapidly disappearing chopper, Shelby tells him Colton vanished into the woods, sending Tim and Rachel after him. Raylan frees Shelby from the tractor only to cuff his hands behind his back and when Art, who pulled up in his own vehicle, asks him if he's going to talk, Shelby says that if they can get him out of there, he'll give him whatever they want. Shelby really has spent a lot of time with Ellen May, because it sure sounds like something she'd say. Speaking of whom, Art asks Shelby where his "girlfriend" is, and Shelby doesn't bother to correct him as he tells him she's at Limehouse's and she's going to need their help. Raylan puts Shelby in the back seat, and then allows himself to look blown away by the significance of what's just happened. He's no doubt picturing himself in Art's job and I just can't WAIT to see how he's going to fuck up getting that promotion.

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