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Ah, here's Shelby at the sheriff's office, collecting some cash and other items as he urgently tells Ellen May the morning shift will start at 5:30, and she should be safe there until then. Once "Henderson" comes in, she should tell him what she knows and if it's enough for Boyd to want her dead, it should also be enough for her to get witness protection. It's unclear if Ellen May came clean to him since last we saw her, but Ellen May isn't thinking about that now, as she asks Shelby why she can't go with him. He assures her that she doesn't want to be part of what he has to do, so she asks what her other option is, and in response he holds out a wad of bills and tells her to get on a bus until she reaches a coast. "Doesn't matter which one." Maybe not for his purposes, Ellen May, but just for the way you like to dress I'd recommend you go west. Ellen May reluctantly takes the money as Shelby reminds her not to just travel as far as Tennessee or wherever and expect that Boyd won't find her, but Ellen May -- in that frustratingly undeniable way of hers -- asks if she really can't go with him. Shelby, however, says he's sorry it has to be this way and leaves...

...only, as he drives, to see a stray dog on the road. He pulls to a stop, looking conflicted, and after a moment, he decides to turn around. Clever of them not to have the dog wearing a collar, because this scene's level of subtlety is such that I'd expect the thing's tag to read "Ellen May."

Speaking of whom, he catches up to her as she walks on the side of the road and tells her that if she joins him, they're never coming back. Ellen May asks where he's going and he tells her Mexico -- he's got a beach town in mind, but he could be swayed to the mountains if she likes. She confesses that she's never seen the ocean, so he kindly tells her that now's her chance, so she hops in and asks how long it'll take to get there. He tells her that if they're lucky, they'll be across the border before sunup, and Ellen May -- as dim and local as she may be -- is aware that the car would have to move awfully quickly for that to happen. Shelby, however, tells her he's going to fly them and as nice as he's being to her, it's just as well she doesn't know what happened to Waldo Truth or I'd imagine this revelation would make her at least a little nervous.

Despite his reluctance to take her with him, Shelby is finding some use for Ellen May, as she's driving while he's literally lying low in the back seat. Ellen May notes that she's lived in Harlan practically her whole life and yet has never seen the airport, and Shelby replies that it's not much of one -- just a couple of hangars and a single airstrip. Ellen May asks if he flies out of there a lot and he tells her when he first moved there, he avoided it, as he had to keep that part of his life hidden. "But lately, I've had the opportunity to renew my skills." This is far less of a throwaway line than it seems, at least for me, which is just another reason why I love this show. They're arriving at the airport and Shelby directs Ellen May where to go, but when she asks if he's talking about heading near the building with the light on, Shelby urgently tells her to drive on without slowing down...

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