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...which turns out to be a smart move, as the marshals are already there with one of Shelby's deputies and the crotchety supervisor (I guess) of the place. After they get a report from their lookout that a car driven by a young woman went by, the old guy suggests Shelby might have flown out of someplace else, whereupon the deputy offers that that wouldn't make much sense given that "the sheriff's plane is already here." Raylan's eyebrows threaten to take him airborne as he asks for confirmation that Shelby has a plane and this is what I was referring to in the last paragraph -- if Shelby knew that being sheriff would give him access to a plane, it makes his risky choice in taking the job a lot more understandable. Raylan berates the administrator or whatever for never having mentioned that little tidbit when the marshals were poring over the air-traffic records, and irritatedly wonders why Shelby hasn't come for the plane before realizing that the light outside probably tipped him off. He takes a moment to swallow his frustration before asking if there's a roadblock at what sounds like "Cressland Pass," which apparently isn't on the map...

...but if there weren't before, there is now, and Raylan is standing vigilantly outside a Marshal Service SUV as Rachel tells him it's warmer inside. He decides to make a thing of it, sardonically wondering if Art told her to make sure he doesn't catch cold, whereupon Rachel decides to make A Thing of it, saying that she can deal with his aloofness. "It's annoying [hee], but I let it slide because you get your job done and you're easy on the eyes." She goes on that she can even handle the fact that Raylan will probably be her boss if he catches Shelby. "But if you don't get in the car right now, I swear to God I'm gonna start singing show tunes." This is nothing against you, Raylan, I swear: DO IT RACHEL DO IT. He asks if she promises, but it's pretty clear he's conceding, even though she softly adds that he shouldn't mess with her. I think there's no deeper meaning here beyond the combination of Rachel having had a shitty year and it being a very late hour resulting in her being momentarily unable to deal with Raylan's swagger, but I'm prepared to be proven wrong. Before Raylan can get in the car, however, another SUV pulls up and deposits Art. Yay! And by the way, if you didn't catch it, Nick Searcy voiced a lawman character on last week's Archer, and now he and Tim Olyphant both have been hilarious on that show. If Walton Goggins can make a trifecta, I just don't even know what. After wondering how Raylan makes the drive down to Harlan so often (Raylan: "I listen to a lot of Books On Tape") and saying that he's going to wait to suspend Raylan over "that Hunter Mosley fiasco" until after they catch Shelby, he informs Raylan that "the staties" let Boyd go, and Raylan snits that he hopes they broke his cell phone in half before they did so. Rachel: "I think you're the only person who does stuff like that." Hee.

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