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Wynn's security guy (wearing a suspiciously open robe; I've never thought about it before, but there's got to be some kind of extracurricular activity between these two) wakes him up with a phone call from "Crowder," to which Wynn groggily replies, "Which one? Doesn't matter." I'd laugh, but I have to comment on Wynn's oversized sleep mask, and if anyone who works on the show reads this and can get me dailies of this scene, I'd die happy. The Crowder on the other line is Johnny, who tells Wynn that "we" found Thompson, which is news enough for Wynn to pull the mask off his eyes. Hee. Wynn takes in the information about Thompson being Shelby before asking where he is and Johnny says he doesn't know, but given that the law and Boyd are out looking, he figured Wynn would "send some guys" to do their own search. Wynn, however, says that his people know Harlan County as well as the back of a stranger's hand, so Johnny is far more qualified to look. Johnny's voice quavers just a little as he asks if he has to find Shelby on his own, so Wynn tells him to subcontract. "It's how business is done in the twenty-first century." Heh. He adds that if Johnny fails, he can say goodbye to his dream of "displacing" Boyd and I'd imagine Johnny understands that that's not all he'll be bidding farewell to in that eventuality. Wynn concludes that he expects hourly updates, and then lies back down, gigantic sleep mask back in place.

The sun has risen and a close-up of a bloody knife lets you know on a visceral level where we are before your brain can even come up with the name "Noble's Holler." Limehouse -- oh, how I've missed you -- steps forward, still wearing a bloody apron and surrounded by his men, to greet Shelby and Ellen May, the latter of whom he's never met. She informs him that they've come for protection and adds that her friend Trixie always used to come up when she needed to disappear. Limehouse, however, says that Trixie had information for him and we learn of some bad blood between Limehouse and Shelby, as Limehouse recalls that Shelby shot down "my cousin's boy in front of that liquor store." Ooh, is that the same story Shelby told Raylan? If so, this is a long grudge, not that I'd expect any less from Limehouse. After some more contemptuous words on both ends, Shelby supposes that Limehouse needs money in the wake of the marshals confiscating all his pig cash (and thinking of that scene makes me smile all over again). Ellen May, seeing where this is going, begs Shelby not to leave her there, but Shelby offers Limehouse fifteen grand in cash to keep Ellen May safe and maybe get her out of town for a couple of weeks. Limehouse seems to agree to the terms, more or less, but after Shelby makes to say goodbye to Ellen May, Limehouse is like, not so fast -- I need money, just like you said. Shelby, already starting to panic even if he's not sure why, tells him the fifteen grand is all he has, but Limehouse replies that from what he hears, "you're worth plenty. Drew." Oh. OH. Shelby at least doesn't sacrifice his dignity by trying to run, but he still looks plenty terrified as Limehouse's goons drag him away. And he didn't even see what Limehouse did to Quarles!

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