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Boyd and Colton are being silently threatening toward Nicky Kush, who's kind of the non-threatening lowlife you'd expect. Nicky chatters about how it's been a long time and he and Boyd aren't "friends on the Facebook," and Boyd's answering expression is about as deliciously pained as you'd expect. This gets Nicky off on the topic of Internet privacy and the NSA, but before I can suggest he watch the documentary I just produced, Colton decides he's had enough and comes at him. Nicky tries to hold him up, but when he asks for cash, Colton and Jimmy (the face isn't actually healed, but it's coming along) hold him while Boyd menaces him with a drill. Even though he threatens to stick it in his mouth, it's not the kind a dentist would normally use. Anyway, Kush lets it be known that whenever Ellen May was in trouble, she'd threaten to go to Limehouse...

...which is just a hilarious coincidence, given that Ava is also hiding out in Noble's Holler. Of course, she's taken refuge there before, if I remember correctly, so this isn't the contrivance it might seem to be. Regardless, she's asking if Limehouse was going to tell her and Limehouse replies that he wasn't aware he needed to keep her apprised of such things. Ava reminds Limehouse that Ellen May means her harm, but he's skeptical of that claim, and gets more so when he opens the door and Ellen May comes in and gives Ava an unreserved hug. Ava, for her part, hilariously looks like Ellen May's a golem come to squeeze her to death, but Ellen May excitedly tells her that she never blabbed, even after she knew Ava tried to have her killed, which she understands the reasons behind, by the way. Ava uncomfortably asks if Shelby dropped her off, but Limehouse informs her that Shelby hasn't left before having Ellen May escorted out of the room. Once she's gone, Limehouse makes the obvious observation that it sure didn't look like Ellen May wishes Ava any ill, so Ava decides to stop bullshitting: "How much for the both of them?"

From Ava's tone, it sounds like she finds the price of one hundred and fifty grand -- each, that is -- insalubrious, but Boyd is like, let's get 'er done. Ava, thinking of that house on Clover Hill, points out that that will clean them out (didn't Boyd have a bunch of cash beyond the three hundred grand he recently extorted? Maybe he spent that on the ring), but Boyd reiterates that she should convey their acceptance to Limehouse...

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