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Shades Of Grey
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First off, congrats to the show on being renewed for a fifth season! Obviously, we don't have to discuss what a boneheaded move it would have been on FX's part to do any different, but I'm sure the writers, crew and actors were thrilled for the news to become official. As am I! Now:

In Lexington, Art is genially noting that everything has been squared away, and Raylan confirms that Shelby is on his way to a safe house, while Ellen May is in "a little no-tell motel until we figure out what to do with her." It's unusual for her, I know, but given her current venue and her chosen profession I'd think she might have some ideas. Raylan tosses a folder onto Art's desk and adds that the paperwork's all done; Art asks if there isn't one more thing he needs to do before his suspension, but Raylan tells him he's all set. Art: "That was supposed to be withering sarcasm." And that, Art, was you giving up too easily. You could easily have ridden that joke for another couple of lines.

Surprisingly, though, Raylan takes the bait as he defends himself for being "thorough," but Art's like, Raylan, you'd move all the hills in Kentucky if it meant you'd get out of attending a birthing class. Raylan chuckles, at least, before telling Art that, as it happens, he's off for some fatherly duties now -- he got a call from Winona about getting two rocking chairs. I don't know if the call was made under duress, but if not, does that mean Raylan got her a rocking chair too? I guess the fact that he doesn't mention it makes it unlikely. It's not like he has many other attentive-father achievements to brag about. For the record, Art tells Raylan he can consider himself suspended, and after Raylan's like, kthanksbai, he asks Tim if he's all right about the guy he shot. Tim's like, right as rain, and Raylan tells him that if he needs to talk, "you got Rachel"/"I got Rachel," they say at the same time. Aww, those boys. Speaking of Rachel, she tells Raylan to avoid the color pink when decorating the baby's nursery, and Tim mutters, "I coulda told him that." This show rarely fails to meet my expectations, but if there isn't a Season Five Uncle Tim/Aunt Rachel scene, I just don't even know what.

Boyd, Ava and Jimmy have loaded up the van with the equipment they'll need to retrieve Delroy's body, and the fact that it's now daylight suggests getting everything together was no minor errand. Jimmy is not thrilled at the logistics of the mission -- the fact that they can expect their quest to take him a hundred and fifty feet down into the mine shaft is fairly insalubrious, not to mention the fact that the mine has been out of operation for some three generations. Ava then calls Boyd up to the van's cab and expresses a different concern -- he always told her moving a body is an excellent way to get caught, but Boyd tells her that's exactly why it's only an option when you have no other. I guess they're pretty sure Ellen May is going to roll on them, but if they're so convinced, I'm not sure why they don't think it's already happened. Maybe they're counting on the time it generally takes for Ellen May's brain to process thoughts. Boyd raises his voice to ask Jimmy if they're good, and Jimmy closes the van's rear doors with a "lock and load," because he really is That Guy.

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