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Les Cousins Dangereux
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We pick up very soon after where we left off last week, with Jimmy and Carl struggling with disposing of certain people who have botched their last drug delivery in this life, while Boyd is on the phone asking Wynn if he ripped him off. Wynn does not so much appreciate the unfounded accusations, as you can tell by the way his speech breaks from its normal military measurement, but he goes on to say that the only people who knew about it -- as far as they know, anyway -- were the two of them, "Mikey, your two shitheads, and that unwashed roomful" of drug pushers. He asks if anyone jumps out at Boyd and Boyd, his eyes fixed on the aforementioned two shitheads, says he'll call Wynn back. Hopefully Boyd will have the respect to let them finish their burials before he begins his interrogation.

Back in Xander Berkeley's house, Raylan and Allison are making out, so never let it be said bowling isn't an aphrodisiac, although it can't hurt to have Raylan resetting your pins. (I don't know what that was supposed to mean, sorry.) They fall onto the spiral staircase, but before things go up any further, Raylan gets a call from Art, who tells him that Xander Berkeley, whose name as I said in the recaplet is "Charles Monroe," is having his bail hearing and will probably be released on his own recognizance in the morning. Raylan has to step away from Allison to be able to concentrate, so busy is she trying to get his pants off and who could blame her, but he says he understands that he needs to be prepared in case Monroe comes after him, which unsurprisingly has happened once or twice in the past to marshals in analogous situations. If you were to tell me that said situations involved a marshal driving off in the killer's sweet ride all "FUUUUUU," it wouldn't surprise me, so the call is probably well-earned.

When Raylan gets upstairs, he finds Allison rolling a joint and is like, you know I'm a marshal, right? However, I'm sure he's aware that any more than a reflexive protest from him would be fairly hypocritical given the contortions he's put the rules through over the years, so he doesn't press the point as Allison tells him it takes the edge off. As Raylan disrobes as efficiently as one can while wearing cowboy boots, Allison goes on that the hardest part of the job is knowing that she's responsible for the worst day of any particular kid's life (that being the one where she separates him or her from one or two unfit parents). Raylan takes his shirt off and gets on top of Allison, who somehow retains her faculty for speech as she asks what awful things he has to endure on the job, and he could probably give her nightmares just by describing the general hygiene of the people he arrests, but he's saved from having to answer the question by a car alarm going off outside.

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