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We start on a close-up of a glass of something probably local to the area and definitely running low; as a melancholy country song plays, Art -- looking pretty miserable, even for him -- fiddles with his drink. As befits the mood, we can see through the open door that it's pouring outside as a car pulls up. A cut to inside the vehicle reveals it's Raylan, and he looks like he's steeling himself for a moment before he gets out. It seems apparent that he came clean to Art, and although we can only speculate at this point, it's reasonable to guess that Art needed time to process the news and this meeting's ostensible purpose is for Raylan to hear what Art's going to do about it. Raylan heads into the bar, on the way using his hat for a more practical purpose than usual; he pauses when Art takes notice of him, but approaches after Art turns back to his drink. Art gets to his feet and nods at Raylan, who greets him by name -- and then, after a moment, Art hauls off and hits Raylan so hard I'm surprised it didn't knock him into next week, which admittedly would make the episode less interesting. With Raylan still reeling due to shock as much as anything else, Art starts to make like he's going to punctuate his action with some verbal declaration, but he can't find the appropriate words and chooses to walk out without any. Raylan turns to watch him go, but Art's only movement other than walking is to shake out his aching hand, and Raylan nods to himself like he had that coming, which I guess he totally did before retrieving his fallen hat. On the other hand, as I said last week, Art wouldn't behave like this if he didn't care! (Raylan's jaw: "He must care a lot.") Credits.

Over at "Kentucky State Women's Prison," we get a montage; Ava is led in with her hands cuffed in front of her; she takes a shower and then submits to a naked inspection, although examination of her body cavities seems only to be visual. Hey, you end up bright-siding whatever you can in the clink. Carrying her linens, Ava's led to an individual cell -- it's like Oz's Emerald City if instead of glass everywhere you saw yellow paint -- and then the door closes on her, a noise that's punctuated by the immediate cutoff of the jaunty song that's been playing through the scene. I have to say I did not expect Ava still to be in jail six episodes in.

Neither, it seems, did Boyd, as his facial expression looks like a better description of a migraine than any words could muster. After a few moments, though, he braces himself and gets out of his truck to head into what looks like a converted brick warehouse. Then we cut to inside as the downcast expression transforms to one of ebullience as Boyd feigns enthusiasm at seeing a man who seems -- from the set dressing such as a "White Power" banner with a swastika on the wall -- to be someone Boyd knows from his old skinhead days. Said "Gunnar Swift" (we'll be getting his name momentarily) is also about a head taller than Boyd, but he's also almost as jovial as Boyd in recalling that he owes Boyd one. As he goes to pour them a drink, though, he recalls that Boyd taught him everything he knows about "mongrelization" and suggests Boyd could use a bit of a refresher on that -- did he not "start a church that lets in coloreds?"

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