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She's Got Me Like Nobody
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So the first image that comes up is a chyron informing us that we're taking a trip to six days ago, and I'm already getting suspicious of what this means, but when Raylan, on a highway median I suspect is near a state line, pulls his prisoner Adair out of the car, there's no doubt -- the ENTIRE SEASON to this point has taken place within the span of less than a week. Not that I expected it to have taken so much longer, but coming off a show like Downton Abbey on which months fly by as easily as bit characters, the fact that we've averaged literally one day in the show's time per episode is a little jarring. I mean, doesn't Preacher Billy already feel like he happened about a decade ago?

Anyway, Adair -- you remember him from such places as "the trunk of Raylan's car" and "the back seat of Raylan's car" -- gets out of the latter and claims Raylan's treatment of him is unconstitutional, as he's got to take a piss. Raylan: "ACLU'd be happy to take up your case." Heh. A large man in Sharon the bail bondswoman's apparent employ puts Adair in the back of a waiting van as Sharon compliments "Givens" on the nice work, and as they chat and Sharon hands over the promised cash, Adair observes while staring at Raylan with such menace that I feel intimidated on Raylan's behalf. Just as well, because it's not an emotion he ever actually experiences. As the partner attaches the cuffs to something in the back of the van (I think, anyway; I can't really see what he's doing but it seems like a logical conclusion), Adair catches Raylan telling Sharon that if she's ever in town, she should stop by "the High Note," as he's pretty well living there; Sharon replies that she hopes he's not drinking away his wages, as she wouldn't want to see anything "ravage those Hollywood looks," and I'm really sorry she going to be dying in a minute.

But first, it's time for Sharon to give her partner her true opinion of Raylan -- he's got the badge and the drawl and "the whole squinty, sexy thing" (and plus a million points for mentioning his squints as calculated sexiness, NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING) -- but while there was a time she would have run right to him, now she sees that he's an "emotional disaster." It seems clear to me that she's laying out some groundwork here, so I can only imagine we should look askance at the love interest who's just about to blow into Raylan's life, but I can't help but wonder if maybe Raylan would be like .01 percent less sorry about Sharon's imminent death if he heard this little speech.

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