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Shoot 'Em Up
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So Raylan apparently didn't even break for lunch before coming to see Hunter, who comes in and immediately asks, "Hasn't anybody killed you yet?" This is both a reasonable question and an auspicious start. Raylan affably tells him not to sound so disappointed, and they exchange a bit more of whatever passes for banter between an attempted murderer and victim before Hunter asks Raylan's errand, and Raylan tells him it concerns Drew Thompson. Hunter initially plays dumb, but clarifies that Raylan is broaching the subject a little too casually, considering he heard Josiah lost a foot over the business. Raylan promises Hunter protection, which doesn't stop Hunter's progress toward the door -- but then Raylan informs him that there's someone else at the prison considering a deal for "Club Fed," and Hunter listens up as Raylan goes on that the deal is first come, first served and "last time we spoke you said you weren't too happy with your circumstances."

Hunter, no fool, asks if the other possible informant shares a last name with Raylan, and even though Raylan tries to pull a Jackie Nevada poker face, Hunter goes on that he knows Arlo is in there -- he did murder a trustee, after all. He notes that Raylan apparently wants to screw Arlo's deal so bad that he's willing to play ball with Hunter, and when Raylan replies that he likes Hunter better, Hunter points out that he tried to kill him. Raylan: "I still like you better." Hee. Raylan doesn't give specifics, but he tells Hunter that Thompson is "done" regardless of what happens between them, and besides, even if Hunter doesn't care about the deal, maybe there's enough lawman still in him to motivate him to help? Hunter, however, thinks Raylan's only a lawman when it's convenient -- "gives you cover to do things you would have done anyways." You'd think this would hit a nerve, given his little side job and how incredibly pear-shaped it all went, but Raylan merely points out that Hunter's one to talk, given that he "sold his badge to a drug cartel."

Raylan goes on that if he cracks this case, he'll be able to write his own ticket; Hunter doesn't think Raylan ever cared about rank, but Raylan drops the façade juuuuust a little bit as he replies that priorities change. He asks if Hunter wants the deal, and Hunter's face likewise goes serious...

...while someone else not looking particularly light is Boyd, who is sitting as Johns draws him a map of the mine owner Frank Browning's house. Boyd is naturally dismissive of someone with no practical experience telling him how to break and enter, but Johns makes it clear that Boyd needs to pull off the job between two and five PM. Upon being asked why, he says it's because Browning's wife "Trish" will be out of the house then, and he wouldn't want her to end up as collateral damage, but Boyd of course thinks that committing the crime in daylight will make it much more likely he'll end up caught or even killed, and wonders if that might be welcome for Johns and his associates? Johns, however, disabuses him of that notion by saying he's got a boy to do his lawn and one to do his shoes. "And you, you are gonna be the boy who takes out my trash." There, don't you feel better? Johns goes on that if he wanted to put Boyd into the hands of the law, he's got plenty of favor-owing judges and troopers who would be more than willing to help, and if Boyd doesn't kill Browning by the end of the week or even tries to "act smart," that's what's going to happen. Well, I'm not saying Boyd isn't going to kill Browning, but the odds on him acting smart I'd say on general principles are pretty high.

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