Over The Mountain

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A Fine Messer You've Gotten Us Into
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At night, Dewey is leading Wade toward a location in the hills at which he says he's buried some money, and when Wade asks why he has multiple locations for such stashes, Dewey explains that splitting them up like this protects him from being cleaned out by any one theft. It's not diversification in its classic sense, but it's a pretty sound idea for something that will prove to be entirely theoretical. The situation -- filling in a couple blanks, as you should be prepared to do when dealing with Dewey -- is that Dewey has told Wade they're grabbing the money and getting away from his cousins, but he's actually lured him up into the hills to he can kill him as Darryl ordered. Dewey has Wade start digging, but Wade only has a Webolo-issued spade, so the errand may take a while.

As Wade gets to digging, Dewey -- his face haunted -- cocks his gun so nervously that he pops out a bullet from the chamber, but Wade doesn't catch on until he turns and sees Dewey holding the gun on him with both hands. From the nauseated expression on Dewey's face, I think Wade would have a decent chance of talking Dewey out of it, but instead he goes for the gun and gets gut-shot for his trouble. This doesn't deter Wade from grappling with Dewey, but whether it's due to the injury or not, Dewey ends up banging Wade's head against a rock and then conking him a few times until the crappy shovel breaks. Having nowhere near a big enough a hole to contain Wade's "corpse," he goes to his truck and grabs a crowbar, with which I guess he figures he'll loosen up the dirt enough to dig the hole by hand? I'd be impressed if he pulled that off, but the errand proves unnecessary when Dewey returns to find Wade gone. Dewey uncertainly calls Wade's name, but Dewey, it's not like this is The Blair Witch Project and he suddenly and inexplicably disappeared. He's running from you. Finally figuring that Wade's not returning of his own volition, Dewey starts after him -- only to pitch himself ass over teakettle down a bluff. When he comes to rest, it's not clear if he's conscious, but his face is cut up in a way that would be a shame if it happened to someone like Raylan. Credits.

When we return, Raylan is in Art's office with his face in his hands; when he breaks that pose, he offers, "Parts of what you said are just... confusin' to me." I think he's being diplomatic, but if that's the case he might want to work on the tone. Vasquez, sporting a new buzz-y cut, gamely asks Raylan which parts are giving him trouble, so Raylan focuses on the fact that there's been a confidential informant in Harlan, that that CI is Wade informing on Boyd, "but kinda mostly the part where you felt like you couldn't tell me about it." Well, I guess it bodes well for his new status as a parent that he's working on his "it's not what you did, it's that you lied about it" speeches. However, his self-righteous pronouncement is somewhat deflated by Art and Vasquez's simultaneous reply of "we're tellin' you about it now," and I can't decide whether I'm happier to think of that as spontaneous or something they anticipated and rehearsed. Also -- as always, I love the show for this -- this gives an explanation for Art and Vasquez's not-obvious-but-totally-obvious secret discussion a couple episodes ago.

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