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Yea, Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
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Into the phone, Raylan is saying how there's talk of a trip to Washington for him to meet "the Director," and while promotion possibilities are still hearsay, his chances aren't exactly looking bad. The recipient of this information is Winona, who asks Raylan if he's signed the paperwork she sent over in Season Three... I mean, "last week." Raylan has been a little busy, of course, but she reminds him that it's to protect the baby "in case something happens to either one of us," and look, I'm going to be too terrified to remember to discuss this at the end of the episode, but I'm sure we've all figured that Raylan is not super-likely both to receive and enjoy a promotion without something terrible happening. But I'm not sure I can handle the show both killing Winona off and leaving Raylan to be a single dad. Of course, it's not like he'd remain single for long, am I right, ladies of Harlan/anywhere else, really? Winona oh-by-the-ways that it's important for Raylan to sign the papers before "she" is born, and Raylan steps into the office before his brain catches up with his ears and he realizes they're having a girl.

Inside, everyone applauds, not for the news Raylan just got but for the Shelby collar, which Raylan handles with his usual great social grace -- that is, by petulantly telling his adoring fans he's on the phone. Well, in a weird way, at least this shows success hasn't gone to his head. Turning back to the phone call, Raylan tells Winona he doesn't know anything about girls, and Winona replies, "That is so sweet, sayin' it like I don't already know." Hee. From what I hear about that show, I'm guessing Natalie Zea has missed dialogue like this over on The Following. Even Dunlop pats Raylan on the back, which I guess means Art decided not to euthanize him for stupidity, and then Raylan allows to Winona that this is "great news" before getting off the call.

Art, of course, gives him all requisite shit for not being able to respond to "positive attention," and Rachel asks if his success means he'll be getting a haircut, getting "Don't hold your breath" as a reply. Well, really, Rachel. A haircut would mean that hat would ride lower, and we can't have that.

Art then informs Raylan that his suspension for "the Hunter Thompson fiasco," as he's aptly referred to it in the past, begins immediately, but Raylan, seeing Shelby and Vasquez in the interior office, asks what's going on their way. Art explains that they're about to send Shelby to supermax, while in other news, Tonin has gone to ground, and the fact that one of the most notorious mobsters around is in an undisclosed location is I'm sure is just super-comforting for everyone to hear. There's some friction between Vasquez and Shelby, which you'd wonder about, given that Shelby had said he'd give the marshals everything they needed, and sensing this, Art tells Shelby that they're expending heavy resources on keeping him alive. "If you're about to gum that up, I'm liable to get my bowels in an uproar." Just don't ride with Raylan while you do -- he hates that. Shelby replies that his request is reasonable, and it soon comes out that he's asked for a guarantee of safety for a woman -- not his ex-wife, who's already under protection, but Ellen May. Raylan, joined by Art, tells Shelby to stick the "contingency rider" he's requesting up his ass, and that he's welcome to sit in prison waiting for Tonin's men to... well, it sounds like "fellate you like a perch," but that doesn't really fit with what I know about mobsters or fish, so I'm going to assume that Raylan's accent went to town on the word "fillet." Art adds some bluster of his own, but does then stop to ask Vasquez who the woman in question is...

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