Raw Deal

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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way
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Darryl and Danny are weaponing up when Kendal comes in and asks where they're going; they decline to enlighten him but tell him to look after the place while they're gone. Darryl then notices that Kendal's been off for the last few days (so as usual this season is taking place in a very short time frame) and asks if anything's up, but he says no, and after Darryl walks out of the room, Danny winks at him. You may be surprised, but that doesn't seem to make Kendal feel any better.

In prison, Ava and her new hair are waiting by the visiting room, with Gretchen nearby looking evil, when Penny happens by and points out that there's only five minutes before visitation is over. Ava sighs that she's aware, and Penny bitterly says she knows her man isn't coming -- in the beginning they visit all the time, but then stuff inevitably starts to come up. "That's why you ought to rely on the Heavenly Mother." Ava tells Penny she's not interested in religion, but Penny retorts, "You interested in stayin' alive?" Another look Gretchen's way suggests this pitch from Penny is going to be a bit more effective. And I guess this means Gretchen's hatred of Ava is too strong to be affected by any threats to her brother. Good to have principles!

Team Crowe-der turns up in Memphis, but Johnny's already flown the nest for Mexico, so Jimmy and Carl confer with Boyd, who tells them he's going down himself to bring back his twenty-five kilos of heroin. Jimmy asks what they're going to do about the Crowes, then, and as Boyd regards his new allies looking mighty dangerous as always, his mental wheels spin us into the opening credits.

At the office, Raylan's just grabbed some coffee as Dunlop offers to get him something from the cafeteria, but Raylan declines. A thirtysomething potbellied dude then pops in and somewhat fussily asks who he should talk to about his money, and Dunlop supposes he's talking about a reward and tells him Raylan handles walk-ins, to which Raylan's like, say what now? Dunlop gets stuck with the unfortunate duty of having to inform Raylan that the reason Art's been having him come in so early is to handle such walk-ins and Dunlop thought he knew, which he's now seeing from Raylan's typically incredulous squint that he did not. However, Raylan takes it like a man (and doesn't take it out on Dunlop, which is nice) and invites "Larry Salmeron" to have a seat. Salmeron's beef is that he had online backgammon winnings (don't believe that's actually legal in the U.S. anymore, but I could be wrong) of nearly a quarter of a million bucks. When Raylan doesn't fall at his feet in awe, Salmeron asks if he's heard of "Falafel," and Raylan replies that he never much cared for it. "Always found it kinda like a cut-rate hush puppy." Disagree, but still: Hee.

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