Shot All To Hell

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Five Easy Corpses
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A phone rings on a bedside nightstand, and through the darkness Lee grabs the phone and groggily says hello. It's Mooney, who's calling with the news that he and his men got an anonymous tip earlier that led them to "a pretty gruesome discovery." Whether you apply Mooney's personal standards or the show's, I'm willing to bet he's not exaggerating. And indeed, they found several corpses -- so that's what the very last scene last week was all about -- stashed away in one of Lee's funeral homes, and from the prison tats and blunt-force evidence, he's concluded that they're murder victims. He goes on that his anonymous tipster "said that we would find this horror show because you made a deal with the local criminal element." It's at this point Lee figures out he's lost Mooney to Boyd: "You told me he was dead." Mooney simply hangs up, whereupon Lee turns on the bedside lamp and starts moving to raise holy hellā€¦ only to discover Boyd sitting quietly in a chair.

Lee goes for the gun in the nightstand, but Boyd smugly produces it. And in case it wasn't clear, that suggests Mara's complicity, because he wouldn't want to risk searching the whole room and waking Lee up. (Of course, her question to Boyd about whether he could get multiple bodies last episode is even greater evidence that she was in on this whole plan.) Another grim sign for Lee is that Boyd is wearing gloves as he intones that disposing of murder victims for profit, "that leaves a bad taste in a Christian's mouth." Getting to his feet as ominous music plays, Boyd continues that people in Harlan will never forget and "will marvel at your debasement and venality." Even Johnny probably wouldn't begrudge him the ten-dollar words in this little speech. Coming close, he concludes that the people of Harlan "will take your suicide as the last act of a coward," and even at this point I thought Boyd might be using this whole scenario to leverage Lee, that he might offer him some way out of this scenario, but no -- he tellingly notes that Lee's "reputation is ruined" before intoning, just like a judge in medieval times might: "Death will not be an end to your suffering." With that, he pushes him down onto the bed, wraps the weakened man's hand around the gun, and points it up into his chin, and Lee desperately tries a "Mr. Crowder," but those prove to be his last words. There's no cutaway for the shot, either, as a nice fine spray of blood immediately decorates the wall, showing once again how much the relevant crew position earns its pay. I don't want to tell the show its business, but with an amazing cold open like that, the rest of the episode's bound to be a letdown, right?

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