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We open by pulling focus on Tim's face, a choice I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear I approve of. In this case, however, Tim is looking as stone-faced as he gets, as we're at the scene of his friend Mark's death. With an echoing effect that conveys Tim's emotional state, one of the cops on the scene tells him that "the one in the skivvies" (referring to Mark; I thought Colton had let him get dressed before he killed him, but revisiting it I see he merely had a blanket around his shoulders) dragged himself across the floor to get to his phone, and I'm assuming he means before he took a bullet in the head. I mean, I don't think Mark used his brain for all that much, but I still think it would have been necessary for that. The detective on the scene notes that instead of calling 911, Mark texted Tim, which apparently is why he's there. He asks if Tim can shed any light on the text -- it reads "Bagram" -- but even though Tim identifies the place as an airstrip in Afghanistan out of which they flew, he claims not to be able to explain any deeper meaning. However, even through his poker face, it seems pretty likely he understands something from the text and is just deciding how to handle it on his own, which is evidence that he and Raylan are more kindred of spirits than either of them might admit. The detective goes on that, although the drug dealer was the scum of the earth, he once served in the Marine Corps in Fallujah and knew everything there was to know about weapon retention, which explains his precautions in having had people disrobe. Given how little I wanted him on my team, I hope the cop's read of his motivations is one hundred percent right here. The detective's ultimate point, though, is that the dealer's primary customers were veterans and as such, he wonders if Tim maybe can think of any connection that could help them? Tim, however, allows that Mark was "having some troubles" but declines to offer anything further, and the amount of feeling he's letting spill out makes even Raylan look emotional by comparison.

Dunlop is leading Hunter out of the prison, as he's apparently being transferred to a supermax facility for having killed Arlo, just as his accomplice guard predicted. Once they get outside, Hunter laughs when the prison transfer bus pulls away without them -- but any amusement fades in a hurry when the departure of the vehicle reveals Raylan leaning against his car waiting. I guess wishing Dunlop a happy birthday bought Raylan a lot more favor than he probably realized at the time. Hunter looks like he's been brought in front of a firing squad, but Raylan evenly greets him with a hello. I doubt that's going to stop Hunter from soiling that orange jumpsuit, but luckily the play of the credits prevents us from seeing it.

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