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We open in a barn filled with plants that are not only quite fresh-looking, but even legal in certain states and countries. From the way two African-American men therein are whaling on a third, I'm guessing they're not allowed any free samples. The victim tries to tell his attackers that he didn't mean to do anything wrong, but that argument proves unavailing, and the more animated of the other two guys complains that there are "all these damn crackers in this crew, and it's the brother that had to go and screw shit up!" Well, I'm sure the crackers have screwed their share of shit up as well, but that's not likely to help the guy writhing on the floor here.

Speaking of crackers, here's Memphis's Rodney "Hot Rod" Dunham (last seen in Season 3, as I mentioned in the recaplet) and a few members of his crew. The guy who was disappointed on racial-performance grounds tells Hot Rod that the human punching bag claims "they" shorted him. Hot Rod wonders if that's true before inspecting the large diamond stud in the human punching bag's ear, and if you've watched this show as much as I have you're probably waiting for Hot Rod to rip the thing out at any moment. The kid claims he didn't steal from "HR," but he did mess up, so HR replies that he's a mere moron instead of crooked before grandstanding that maybe he was unclear in his instructions. The two guys who were whaling on the kid before ominously agree on "can of corn," but the kid tries to save himself from his fate by explaining that he made the exchange in Lexington as planned, but "they" didn't give him all the dope. HR thinks perhaps weighing it out would have been advisable, but with a smile that's as menacing as any physical violence could be, he replies that the guy's friends will take care of him. Speaking of whom, as HR and crew leave, the two who were rearranging the kid's face agree to a "Seal Team 6" and that that the "tightest shit wins," so even though the human punching bag isn't all that bright, he probably anticipates the forthcoming hail of bullets a moment before it hits him in the chest. I'm not sure that this reflects more wonderfully on their people than did the poor human punching bag's error, but from the pleased looks on the two guys' faces, they're not going to agree with me.

So as guessed, Lee did in fact survive Boyd's attack, and sitting on his hospital bed, Mara tells Mooney that the doctors had to put him in a coma for the swelling to go down, and they're not sure if his brain activity will ever resume. Mooney asks if it was Crowder who attacked Lee -- "skinny guy, about medium height, dark hair, he wears it up all crazy. Smile that nearly blinds you." Oh my, Mooney. Sounds like you're looking forward to frisking him. Mara replies that it was in fact Boyd, and Mooney laughs that she crossed paths with the most dangerous man in Kentucky and lived to tell about it. Mara asks if Mooney's afraid of him, but Mooney says no -- if anything, Boyd's afraid of him! Given that you locked Ava up, Mooney, I go less with "afraid" and more with "hell-bent on revenge," but instead of listening to me Mooney goes for some inappropriate touching as he puts a hand on Mara's neck and assures her she has nothing to worry about "as long as you keep me close." Mara considers that before turning to look at Lee, probably hoping that people in comas do in fact hear everything.

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