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Emulex Luthor
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Ava's rather frantically scrubbing the blood from her hands and arms; as she finishes, Penny appears with a towel for her, and Ava dries off as the two of them wordlessly exit the bathroom. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but it's nice that Penny didn't turn around and betray Ava here; you always kind of expect that as a possibility on this show but Ava's easily had a rough enough season as it is. Trying not to act suspicious even though they know the alarm will be sounded as soon as Judith's hour is up and the guards discover her corpse (not to mention the face that Ava's got a prominent and fresh cut on her face), they walk back into the dorm, and sure enough, just as they reach their bunks, the alarm is sounded; as the lights flash outside, everyone assumes the lockdown position on the floor.

With Ava's arms splayed in front of her, Penny notices a bit of blood she missed and urgently whispers to her; Ava instinctively goes for the towel, but Penny clears her throat and narrows her eyes to remind Ava that it'll be seen. Thinking fast, Ava cleans her arm with the dark blanket on her bunkmate's (don't know where she is) bed right as an team in assault gear rushes through; then, when one of the guards we've seen before appears, Penny brazenly asks if someone's going to tell them what's going on. The guard, however, sharply reminds her that there's no talking during lockdown and adds that the next person to chirp will get a week in the hole. I was sure someone was going to test her, but no one does, which is fine with me since I got enough of said holes back when I recapped Oz.

In the bar, Boyd silently counts out some cash for Teri, who offers that her loyalty was always to him. Easy to say, but I suppose at least that if she really cared about Johnny she'd hold more of a grudge here. She asks if "that little fella" gave Boyd what he needed, but Boyd admits that he did not in fact. As a somewhat mournful, contemplative tune plays, Teri talks about how it's a shame Boyd didn't get anything out of their transaction before pointedly wondering if there's something she can do for him? Boyd takes a long breath and then gives Teri a look like he's considering it -- it's the same look he had with Mara earlier this season pretty much on this very spot -- but just then his phone buzzes, so he answers with a "Mr. Duffy." Boyd feigns good cheer as he agrees to a meeting, after which he tells Teri he needs to keep a clear head, so he's going to have to call an end to their evening. Teri doesn't give up quite that easily, putting her hand on his and offering to help him in that regard, suggesting she's more worried about his pipes than his mind. Boyd smiles that he does appreciate the offer, but he'll settle for one of her cigarettes. She obliges him as she notes she never knew him to smoke and he replies that it's been a while, "but I believe the time has come to start makin' some changes." I don't disagree, Boyd, but if this cigarette is supposed to forewarn us that you're going to your death, I hope you'll reconsider before the blindfold comes out.

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