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On the Audrey's grounds, Kendal is impatiently waiting for Chelsea to do her dirty business when Chelsea hears a cat and takes off; Kendal runs after her, but as she bounds into the road, a pick-up hits her. I mean, we don't actually see the impact, but just for story reasons alone, it's high time that dog went to the Great Big Bone Yard in the Sky, no? Also, the truck barely slows down before taking off, if that matters to you.

It's now morning, and as Dewey unchains the drug car from the tow truck, he crows into the phone about his "grand design" and how he was biding his time "like a predator drone" and whatever -- without realizing that the car as a necessity for being towed is in neutral, so the upshot is that after Dewey gets a bag out of the truck he turns to see the thing rolling down the road. As a vehicle passes the other way, Dewey chases "his" car as fast as his predatory drone feet will carry him, but it's only after running over a large rock that the car eventually hits an incline and halts. In addition to the stone having dislodging some of the bricks of heroin, it's taken out the muffler, so it's possible Dewey won't be the noisiest thing in his car from here on out. With the call still connected, Dewey collects the rest of the drugs as he yammers about the "golden times" coming for him, and I'm not sure who he's talking to but the list of people who wouldn't have hung up on him by now has to be pretty short.

Darryl and Wendy are sniping at each other about Kendal having disappeared in "the Chevette" when Danny enters and breathes that they have "a serious situation," and of course the short version is going to be "no drugs," so let's just skip back to the locale we left, where Raylan and a statie are surveying the scene. Raylan tells him the truck is the one driven by the two people involved in putting Miller in the hospital with a broken pelvis, while the statie replies that he got waved down by a couple campers who saw "some fool out here tryin' to unhitch a car. Said he didn't look right." Hee. I mean, Raylan probably arrived at the correct conclusion after "some fool," but I still appreciate the rest. The statie goes on that they're not dealing with a genius, but Raylan, looking at the muffler, wonders what his "Einstein" is going to do with a carload of Mexican brown. Ah, but his unpredictability is part of his "genius"!

By her bunk, Ava is looking worriedly at Judith when a guard enters, calls the former's name and says she has a visitor. Ava walks out, stealing more glances at Judith along the way, before we cut to Boyd telling her he thinks he finally has a line on Albert, even though he has not been easy to find. It's true; you have to train your eyes to look downward. Boyd promises Ava that when Albert recants -- and he will -- all this will be over, but Ava urgently tells him that she's been thinking about it -- Boyd's tried everything to bring an end to her situation, "but there ain't no end to bring about." Boyd asks her to clarify, so she tells him that there are things on the inside she's going to have to do to stay alive, "and the less you got to do with them, the better." I'd wonder if Ava isn't making a mistake not waiting for Boyd to try this Albert play, but given that her instincts are proven right, I suppose I shouldn't bother. As Boyd stares at her in disbelief, she goes on that she's saying goodbye, but Boyd addresses her as "woman" and petulantly asks if she knows what he's done for her? Thinking of the murder he had Jimmy commit last episode, she says she does, but he won't accept that, so she puts the phone down and says -- so he can barely hear her -- that she loves him. If she cut him off because she figured he'd argue until the cows come home, I'll be much more willing to back her instincts here. She adds that she'll always love him before getting up and calling for the guard, and although Boyd knocks on the glass and shouts her name, she doesn't stop walking resolutely away. Sure, Boyd, it seems frivolous, but did you notice the episode count for Ava being in prison is now ten? Credits.

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