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Out Of The Woodwork
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Well, we were going to have to talk about this sometime. Obviously, this show is incredibly well-crafted -- I'd go so far as to say it's unmatched at the way it blends slow-burn drama with genuinely funny humor. That said, I think it's fair to say that many people also appreciate Raylan Givens as a, well, a specimen, which is why you can't really fault the show for giving those people, of which I am one, a bit of, as my great friend Joe Reid would call it, some dudesploitation. However, when the opening shot is a shirtless and shaggy-haired (you could tell his hair was longer in the premiere, but he never took his hat off so there was no good look at it) Raylan, along with Lindsey, flopping back onto the bed having just Done It, it is, if you'll permit me, kind of like skipping foreplay. I'm not complaining, but if my syntax seems to abandon me temporarily, you can take that as the reason.

Anyway, between pants, Lindsey says they're getting good at "that," but Raylan predictably thinks "good" was achieved some time ago. They flirt sweatily, and then Raylan tries to demonstrate that he is not selfish that way when his head ducks down out of frame, but Lindsey, while appreciative of the thought, says she's got to get downstairs to field a liquor delivery. Raylan decides to channel his chivalry into an activity that's acceptable on-camera, if barely any more family-friendly, by volunteering to go deal with the booze, and further demonstrates his magnanimity by flashing us the tiniest bit of ass crack as he pulls on his jeans. Putting his shirt on, he tells her to stay there, just like that...

...and then he's downstairs making some notes on a manifest, I assume, as a guy wheels in a keg. Behind him, a dude with a rather strong build enters, and when Raylan tells him they're closed, he's like, that's cool -- and then pours himself a beer. Raylan's like, great, here's me having left my gun upstairs, but does reiterate a couple times that the guy should go, whereupon the guy, after having indicated he's familiar with the waitresses by sight, asks Raylan if he thinks he could make him. Raylan, already sad that this guy has popped the balloon of his post-coital bliss, asks if he's serious, and when the guy repeats the question, diplomatically says he doesn't know and he'd rather not find out. Good read for someone who hasn't even seen the rest of the episode yet. The guy fixes Raylan with a long look, but finally breaks into a smile and says he's messing with Raylan. However, his good humor is belied by him aggressively bumping Raylan's shoulder on his way out. I mean, even giving people a lot of leeway for wanting to touch Raylan, that seemed nefarious.

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