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Out Of The Woodwork

In the other bar, Ava is also getting a liquor delivery, some of which she declines, and then, speaking of other unwanted items, Ellen May appears. Ava wonders what's up with her no-showing the night before on the heels of her little bear-hunting incident, and Ellen May at first tells her she was indisposed, but recants, says she's never felt better. Ava wonders what fresh hell of idiocy she's being subjected to as Ellen May pulls out a prepared speech about salvation, and my/Ava's question is answered when Ellen May cites it as from "Palms." Ava manages not to be too condescending in correcting her that it's "Psalms," for which alone she should enter the kingdom of Heaven, but when Ellen May tells her she needs to save her own soul, Ava bites out that she saved Ellen May's soul -- not God. Ellen May knows, which is why she's there -- she could have just taken off, but she wanted to try to include Ava in her salvation. She recites a bunch of Preacher Billy's rhetoric, but Ava's like, you're a whore, and also, you and I killed a man and dumped his body without ceremony or consecration -- you really think we qualify?

Hilariously, Johnny limps in and then tries to escape when he picks up on the conversation, but Ava tells him to stay, and I'd bet getting trapped into witnessing this little chat is going to be sufficient motivation for Johnny to work harder at his physical therapy. It is interesting, though, that Ava lumps herself in with Ellen May in labeling themselves as beyond redemption; it suggests that she doesn't take what they did lightly at all. Ava has Ellen May draw closer before she tells her that she'll be back at work that night or won't even set foot in the place again, and the righteous light looks beat out of Ellen May as she nods her understanding.

Art is fairly delighted to just have been given a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, and I'm so happy to see him that I feel like buying a bottle of the stuff myself. The gift is courtesy of a man we'll learn is called "Patrick"; exposition follows that Art just turned 56, and he and his wife are thinking about buying an Airstream, which he's not sure is such a great idea for continued marital bliss. And he's just talking about the enclosed space, but I can't say I've met tons of couples where both members (a) enjoy traveling together and (b) think the other one can drive for shit. Art asks how things are in Bowling Green, and Patrick recites some statistics that make it clear he's also in the Marshal system. Art reacts to Patrick's claim of things being great by saying that Bowling Green is like Mayberry compared to Harlan, and asks if he's there about the job, and DON'T RETIRE ART OH MY GOD NO. (Unfortunately, the mandatory retirement age appears to be 57, so start planning your goodbyes.)

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