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Out Of The Woodwork

In the locker room, Art and Raylan are packing up to go as Tim (hiiiiii) jovially reads off a laundry list of criminal convictions, and when Raylan asks if the family did all that, Tim corrects him that these belong solely to "Jud Truth," who's Waldo's oldest, so it makes sense he'd be an overachiever. However, Tim goes on that all the kids -- and there are a few, as we'll see -- are "similarly decorated," prompting Raylan and Tim both to wonder if Art really wants to come along. Art, however, says the best barbecue he ever had was in Versailles (it's apparently pronounced "ver-SALES"), and he's not going to miss out. Raylan's skeptical that that's the reason, so I guess he doesn't like barbecue for some inexplicable reason, but he's also apparently right, as Art confesses that his office dropped the ball in failing to notice for thirty years that someone was collected a draw check illegally, so he personally wants to rectify the matter; on top of that, Raylan's mystery bag is giving him a bit of a "Marshal stiffy." Tim's like, nice image, and if you'll bear with me taking it even further, I'll agree that it's in the eye of the beholder. They head out, but Art tells Raylan they're stopping for lunch before they see the Truths, "in case you shoot one of them, then we don't get to go after." With Raylan having worked there for a few years now, I don't know what the holdup is in making that standard policy.

Ellen May enters the church tent and sees a bunch of kids playing, and Cassie, the blonde who was sitting on the stage last week while Billy was doing his snake-handling dance, explains that they watch the kids during the day for parents who need the help. Ellen May thinks that's nice, and then Cassie gives her name and asks what she can do for her. Ellen May wants to see Billy, but Cassie politely stonewalls her; however, the man himself appears momentarily and says he needed a break from what he was doing, so Cassie leaves them to it.

Billy, who looks a bit like a cross between a young Ed Norton and someone I can't quite place, asks what's up, so Ellen May tells him she appreciates everything he's done for her, but she doesn't think she can be a part of his church. He asks her to explain, so she haltingly tells him that she knows he said God forgives everyone, but she's done some unspeakable things -- things that no one could forgive -- and even though she's talking of murder, she's a lot easier to relate to when she drops the stupid voice. As she cries, Billy kindly tells her that none of them are without sin, and goes on that her commitment to salvation is the important thing.

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