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Out Of The Woodwork

Ellen May wants to believe him, but repeats Ava's pronouncement that some people can't be saved, prompting Billy to ask who put that idea in her mind -- maybe the people for whom she compromised herself? Ellen May defends them, but Billy's getting worked up now, and tells Ellen May that they're trying to shame her, and do so out of their own fear and greed. He takes her hand and asks if she wants to be a part of the church, and she whispers that she does -- "more than anything in the world." He tells her that it will happen, then -- she'll know what true peace and happiness can be. Maybe I lack faith, but is she going to ask at some point whether the snake figures into the church initiation?

So there's a little party going on in the large backyard of someone's house, and we see a lot of money changing hands, which presumably has to do with the fighting ring on the premises in which two shirtless guys are jumping around getting ready. One of them is a ripped dude with a cowboy hat and a big back tattoo; the other, sporting a few extra pounds but still looking pretty strong, is our guy from the bar who got in Raylan's face. Once the bets are closed, some thuggish dude steps into the middle of the ring and, after a few seconds, makes a gesture that the fight's on, and the two contestants get going, MMA style. After a few kicks, the ripped dude steps forward and throws a right cross...

...which cuts nicely into the finish of Colton doing the same to some lowlife in a trailer somewhere. Good editing there; I've seen even great shows fuck that kind of thing up. The guy curses Colton, and Colton replies, "Well, stop trying to stand up; I'll stop hitting you!" You see, he's being reasonable! The guy (we'll learn his name is "Danny"), however, doesn't toe the line, so Colton beats him down again and then laughs with genuine humor, "He keeps trying to stand up!" Hee. Boyd, matching the smile, wonders if there's a reason why he shouldn't, so Colton tells another of his MP War Stories With A Point, which is that he pegged Danny for a heroin dealer, and when he shook him down, his suspicions were confirmed. "You were right -- church ain't your only problem." Danny impotently threatens them, which only gives Colton another chuckle, and after Boyd says he'd like to speak with Danny's employers, Colton then pulls an address out of Danny's wallet. Before there's any further discussion, however, there's a knock on the trailer door -- it's Ava, with Jim in tow, who says Boyd has to come see this...

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