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Out Of The Woodwork

...and in the main brothel, he finds a bunch of kids singing Jesus-y lyrics while holding those fake bills with the church's name on them up to him, much to the chagrin of the whores. Well, no one said daycare was all fun and games. And seriously, if I ever want to express disbelief, chagrin, or just plain WTF-ness, I should just carry around a photo of Boyd's face at this very moment.

Ah, Boyd has come to see Shelby, and I recently caught Jim Beaver in a disappointing role over on Dexter, so I'm glad to cleanse my palate by unexpectedly seeing him here. Unexpectedly, because as he reminds Boyd, the last time they talked, he told Boyd they were now square -- you remember, he gave Boyd a heads-up that the Feds were looking to haul him in for Devil's death -- but Boyd's reply is "I thought we were a circle." Sorry, Shelby, but straight wordplay enhanced by metaphor -- Boyd's saying your connection to him will never end -- means I'm going to have to give it to him on general principles. Shelby tries to say he'll look the other way with Boyd's activities, "as far as I can without breaking my neck," but Boyd, who's come about the church, as Shelby already knows, tells him he's concerned about "the good people of Harlan County," as there might be a cult in their midst. If all he's concerned about are the good people of Harlan, he might just have pulled up a few chairs and invited them to sit in here.

Shelby, holding a folder, says that this is really really the last time he helps Boyd, and Boyd is like, sure, no problem, I'll even wait like three days to ask you for the next favor. As Boyd starts to thumb through the folder, Shelby tells him that Billy and Cassie have been in five cities in the past three years, each more desperate than the last, and he doesn't name names, which is too bad because I wanted to hear if North Haverbrook made the list. Shelby goes on that their MO has been to set up shop, preach for a few months, and then leave, and as far as he can tell, they haven't had any trouble with the law.

Boyd immediately speculates that they take money from the local criminal organizations in exchange for their departure, even though Shelby suggests that what they're doing could help Harlan, as people are in a bad enough way without spending what little money they have on drugs and whores. Boyd's essentially like, "That's cute," and Shelby's facial response is "I should know better by now than to even bother."

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