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Out Of The Woodwork

As he retrieves the contents, Tim makes the kid as the grandson "Milo," and when he bikes off, the boys try to follow at a safe distance. Unfortunately, Milo figures out that they're on his tail pretty quickly, but Tim's eagle eyes lead to them tracking him all the way even as Milo yells to his kin that "these guys are pervies!" Kid, if Raylan and Tim were into dudes, they wouldn't have to look farther than each other. Milo keeps up his cry of "Perverts!" even as he runs into the house, which leads several rather armed members of his family to appear. Our boys identify themselves, but the leader of this crew isn't impressed, saying that if he's seen one badge, he's seen a hundred. Tim: "You must be Jud." Hee. The ID is confirmed, and Jud tells them to get off the property. He starts counting seconds, which prompts Tim hilariously to remark to Raylan that he's stealing Raylan's bit, but Raylan has some other words he's like to share -- anyone that flinches is going to die right in front of his or her kin. Once again, however, the kids are unimpressed, but the hostilities are brought to an end by the appearance of the absolutely fantastic Beth Grant, and I'm only surprised it took the show this long to cast her.

She notes that they don't look like perverts, but, seeing Art, she amends it to "Well, maybe that one." Hee. She asks them to state their business, and nice of SOMEONE to think of that, and when Raylan mentions Waldo's name, the kids exchange a knowing and worried look, but Beth Grant gives nothing away, saying that she'd be happy to give him a message. Art, however, says that until they hear from him, they're going to be putting a stop to his disability checks, and isn't that just the sort of thing a pervert would do? The kids are like, oh HELL no, but Beth Grant injects some more sanity into the proceedings as she tells her folk to put down their guns and then orders her daughter "Nellie" to start calling around for Waldo. Milo, however, shouts that the Marshals aren't going to take their draw, and Raylan sure looks like he wishes he could go back to that nap now.

We've moved inside, and Beth Grant is hospitably telling stories about Waldo as the rest of her family sits in the living room; after Milo flips Raylan a double bird, which I'm sure is making Raylan really look forward to being a father, Beth Grant gets to the part in their courtship at which she told Waldo that she was married, and as such "this snatch [was] off limits," and you'll forgive me, but THAT sounds a little bit more white trash than anything I heard out of MMA's mouth. Anyway, the punchline of the story is actually clever enough in a hillbilly way, but the kids aren't amused, as they decide to start blazing right in front of the Feds; when Art metaphorically clears his throat, Jud explains that he's "got the glaucoma real bad." I do sometimes wonder how actual glaucoma sufferers feel about their condition being such a boon for burners everywhere.

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