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Out Of The Woodwork

Just then, Waldo enters, and after our boys frisk him, he gives Beth Grant a not-especially-welcome kiss on the mouth before telling "Mother" that she looks nice. The Marshals then sit Waldo down, and after they check the fairly meager ID he has on him and confirm that he served a term for armed robbery, Raylan shows him the driver's license and Art explains where it came from, but Waldo denies knowledge of the Panamanian bag or of Arlo. In fairness, those are only two of many things it looks like this guy knows nothing about. For, you see, this man is not Waldo Truth, as they get confirmation of when they arrest him for an old parole violation but Beth Grant's guilty expression had already made clear; even as she yells at "Harold," he says he didn't know Waldo was wanted, and he only got to know the family fifteen years earlier, which is when he agreed to pretend to be Waldo to keep the draw going.

Tim then curses as he sees that Milo has pulled a gun, and even Nellie is like WTF, but Brother #2 says they agreed it was time. Raylan, however, disarms him without even flinching, and I'd say it was a pretty terrible episode for bad guys being taken seriously if I hadn't seen the last act. Raylan rattles off a list of criminal charges the family will be facing, so Beth Grant decides it's time to tell what she knows: She hasn't seen Waldo in thirty years -- "since that man came and took him away." She clarifies that the man claimed to be some kind of pilot with a job for Waldo, and said that Waldo wouldn't be coming back. Art asks if she was okay with that, and she says damn straight, given that Waldo used to beat on her, and it got so bad one time she stabbed him in the cheek. Raylan's like, in the face? Really? Beth Grant: "No, honey. Not that cheek." I will spare you all the cheap jokes I could make about that one, which is just as well because my fingers are tired already.

Jud can't believe Beth Grant sold their daddy out, but Art is more interested in the name of the pilot, and when she comes up with "Jew" -- sorry, no time for that one -- Art asks if it might be Drew -- "Drew Thompson?" Beth Grant lights up as she says that's it, and she and Raylan both ask how he knew, but Art is like, we're done here, Beth Grant, and thanks for the hospitality. "We will be takin' the guns, though." Heh. BUT WHAT OF THE DRAW CHECK?

Cassie and a full congregation watch as Billy and a minion finish baptizing someone -- Ellen May. And who but Boyd, Colton and Jim should just now be showing up to watch her be cleansed? Ellen May points them out to Billy, and he tells her not to worry before stepping forward and greeting Boyd by name, adding that he prayed for Boyd to find his way into his tent.

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