Whistle Past The Graveyard

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The Crowe Family Tree
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It's the next morning in Mexico, and with the air of an insurance adjuster checking out the damage at the scene of an accident, Ruiz chats on the phone as Team Crowe-der sit on the ground nearby awaiting judgment. Jimmy lets us know that he speaks Spanish by informing the rest of them that Ruiz is "bitchin' about havin' to bury us," and if his translation is accurate, it's pretty funny that Boyd and his men are only going to survive because of laziness. When Ruiz disconnects, Boyd -- well-covered by a couple of Ruiz's men -- stands and says that while he infers from Ruiz's demeanor (keeping to himself the part where Jimmy understood him) that they're not going to be handed blindfolds and cigarettes just yet, it also appears that he's not just letting them go scot-free either, and Ruiz confirms that: "You forfeit the shipment and the cash. The business relationship is over."

When Darryl protests, Ruiz points out that they shed blood after agreeing not to, but Boyd offers to get the four corpses across the border without anyone being the wiser. He prevails on Ruiz to confer with Yoon once more, and when Ruiz steps away to make another call, Dewey wonders what would happen if they got pulled over with the corpses in the car, whereupon Darryl tells him it won't be a problem since they'll be hidden "underneath all that heroin." Your Honor, may I ask a follow-up? No, because Ruiz comes back and says that if they succeed, all will be well (since they already have their lives, it seems like this means the business relationship will stay intact), but as the two groups separate, Jimmy asks how they're supposed to get the junk across the border without Hot Rod's connection. Boyd hasn't quite gotten that far yet, but Danny pipes up that they've smuggled stuff across the border before. Darryl, with what will later seem highly likely is faux-reluctance, wonders if he's talking about using "Flores," who "hates my ass," although since Flores's grievance against Darryl has to do with Darryl and Danny tag-teaming his sister, there are probably other parts of Darryl he hates even more. Danny and Darryl continue the "argument," but Danny "wins" when he says that Flores loves "green gringo cash" more than "his ugly sister," and will use a shrimp-boat to get them out. Boyd reminds Darryl that he's responsible for getting the heroin across now, given that he and Danny shot their first option, and if you're looking for it, there's a tiny bit of "thanks for okaying my evil plan" in Darryl's "Okay."

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