Wrong Roads

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I Am Altering the Deal
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Based on the chyron that reads "Somewhere in Texas near the Mexican border," we can conclude that Flores got Team Crowe-der safely across that dividing line and now -- after a customary shot of an armadillo in the foreground -- an eighteen-wheeler makes its way along a dirt road toward two tow trucks. Inside in one is Carl, while Danny and Dewey are in the other and get out to meet their delivery. Cut to Carl opening a crate in the back of the big truck with a crowbar and releasing a mess of fish -- chosen for their pungent smell, I'd imagine -- along with their bricks of heroin. Carl starts tossing them to the Crowes, and then we cut to the two of them hiding the drugs in the framework of the car attached to their truck as Danny complains that Dewey should really consider investing in some deodorant.

Dewey is chagrined to hear that he stinks, but Carl pops into frame to ask if "you girls" are ready. Danny: "About ready to kick your ass." I'm starting to think these two really should play some sex games to resolve this animosity. They finish putting the car's pieces back together, after which Carl sends the eighteen-wheeler's drivers on their way and then reminds the Crowes of their marching orders -- wait thirty minutes, then drive back to Harlan; no speeding, no highways, no drinking -- and if they get pulled over, they're just employees of "the HR Towing Company; you don't know shit about that cargo." So apparently they managed to hook up with Hot Rod's connection on this side of the border, which maybe doesn't seem like it should have been that easy with his guys on the Mexican side being dead at this crew's hands? Carl tells Dewey that his stinky ass can ride back to Kentucky with Danny, thanks, and after Carl hits the road, Danny's like, "Told you." For having started with him being awarded three hundred grand, this has not been the season for everything coming up Dewey, has it?

Back at the bar (as I said in the recaplet, it seems weird to call it "Johnny's" now, so "Boyd's" it is until further notice), Boyd pours shots for him and Darryl as Jimmy reports that Carl is on his way and the boys are close behind. Sitting on Boyd's desk, Darryl crows (sorry) about how it's going to be a great morning, but behind him, Boyd rolls his neck as well as his eyes in turning to Jimmy and saying he can take it from here. Knowing about Darryl's treachery, Jimmy hesitates but eventually withdraws, whereupon Darryl remarks that Jimmy's "a bit of a cold fish." That's not how the ladies at Audrey's tell it! Boyd corrects him that he's a tired fish, and stretches out to show his own weariness, which is not so strong that he doesn't think to surreptitiously draw his gun. Darryl, moving to the couch, tells Boyd he likes the way he handles himself, and he wants to come clean for the sake of their future relationship, but Boyd's like, I know this one -- Hot Rod's boys didn't actually pull. Darryl looks genuinely surprised, but Boyd goes on that it was awfully convenient that Darryl had a way over the border "all cocked and ready to go," and I give Boyd the benefit of the doubt that he was already suspicious, but isn't he going to give Jimmy credit for all that Rosetta Stone Spanish training he did?

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