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Bum bum! Meet Audrey. We know she's a good person because she's with a woman, complimenting the daughter's artwork. When a gust of wind blows a couple of the pictures over the terrace where they're standing, Audrey offers to pay for them, remarking that it can be the woman's daughter's first sale. Down on the street, a couple is arguing about the plastic surgery the man just had when stones begin to rain down, one of which hits him in the head. Next thing we're back up on the terrace with the police. Audrey is on the ground covered in blood and stones, and Green remarks that any of the tools around would have killed her faster than stones. Lupo ominously remarks that maybe the killer wasn't going for speed.

At the morgue, Dr. Rodgers tells them that Audrey was hit over 30 times, many after she died. Anita and Lupo get into a discussion about how the method of killing is rather Biblical. They then go to see the husband, whose alibi is solid. Anita has them check on his religious background, which he says is pretty nonexistent; they don't go to church and she was accepting of everyone. The only thing that seems to surprise him is the news that she came home at noon, since he said she could never be torn from the gallery, where incidentally she'd had a crisis that morning. Just then his daughter comes out of her room and his son walks in the front door, home from college. The girl runs and hugs her brother, Jason, who has a creepy detached air, made all the more noticeable by the fact that he was front and center in every single promo for this episode. They then go to the gallery where they find out from one of the employees that the crisis was that the featured artist tore down all his paintings right before his show. He said that Audrey was "a child playing with dynamite." They figure the dynamite is him since he's Albanian and an artist. I never knew Albanian artists had such a specific reputation -- now I know. Audrey tried to speak to him on the phone, he hung up on her, so she declared the show cancelled and went home.

So off they go to visit the guy, Konstandin. He's an Albanian Muslim and his paintings are all against the oppression of women in Muslim countries. He specifies that it's against men who twist the religion to suit their beliefs. Either way, the religious aspect coincides nicely with the stoning. Konstandin admits that he warned her that there were threats by an Albanian family of bakers who threatened to take him out if they went through with the show. The boys go off to visit them -- the head of the family is a typically shady, smug, large accented man who claims to have nothing to do with it, and is eventually rescued by his nephew, a lawyer, who sends them on their way. When they get back to the car they have a note from none other than the Feds across the street. Turns out they've been monitoring the Bositch, Head of the Bakers, and actually provide the alibi for all of them during Audrey's murder. More conveniently, the agent they talk to has been monitoring Audrey on suspicion of funding a terrorist group. It's really like they wanted to pull out all the stops on this, the last episode filmed before the strike, and work in as many different storylines, wacky characters, and confusions for a poor recapper to lose her mind.

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