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Bum bum! We open on a really creepy guy -- played by a total HITG whose name I totally know and cannot recall for the life of me right now, since whenever I'm presented directly with identifying someone, I blank. Seriously, I'd forget my own sister's name if given the chance. So, dude is in a darkened office, talking out loud to himself about what a mess someone was until his "healing hands" came along. He goes on about her dark hair, pale skin, and how he wants her. "I'm damned, but I don't care." Honestly, I thought we were going to break form and he was going to turn out to be this week's creepy murderer. Turns out that he's this week's murderee, Dr. Issac Waxman, who we next see full of bullet holes on the floor. Whoever shot him meant it, too, since there are holes all over the walls. Cormack is narrating to Green and guesses the obvious: that it's one of his patients. Green compliments his sleuthing and tries to get a closet door open; it's stuck, so he calls another guy over to get it open. Inside is a mattress with pink bedding, a teddy bear, and a hairbrush. Nothing like a shrink having a young girl crashing in his office. That's not inappropriate at all.

Lupo is speaking with Dr. Ollis (again with a surely mangled spelling, and again with me wishing they'd do a better job listing the guest stars that appear each week) who is clearly distraught over Waxman's death. She tells him that he used to keep files in the closet but had moved them to storage last year. When he asks if he ever saw someone that didn't belong -- a young girl, perhaps? -- hanging about, she tells him that Waxman's patients were adolescents. So, it turns out he's even creepier than I first thought. (Or so it would seem...) She shared an office with him for 15 years, since he'd moved there from New Hampshire and never saw anything improper. Behind her, they're thoughtfully removing the body from the building, and she cries as she thinks about his family. His family, it should be noted, lives two blocks away. Green has had Connie at the scene, and she leaves to get a court order to look at Waxman's patient files.

Toe pick! Seriously, since the first glorious time I saw The Cutting Edge, I can't see Moira Kelly in anything without yelling that. It's like a strange cinematic version of Tourette's. Her teary story is that she went to bed at 10 PM and when she woke up the next morning he still hadn't come home, so she walked the dog in Washington Square and then took her kids to school. She desperately tells the guys that she was home doing laundry, but when they ask to talk to her kids she tells them a little too quickly, "Not today." She then gets mightily offended when Green tells her they'll have to fingerprint her and swab her hands. When he asks if she knows about the mattress in his office, she only will tell him, "I'm sure it's not what you imagine." I realize the question of her guilt wasn't really the focus of the episode on the whole, but she might as well have just admitted everything right there for as badly as she tried to play innocent.

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